Google wants to be your source of information on the U.S. presidential election and will deliver news straight in the search results, with updates every 30 seconds to ensure you don't miss anything.

The company has made great efforts to keep U.S. voters and worldwide observers connected to up-to-date information during this controversial election cycle. Google offered a wide range of tools and information in its search results, listing everything from polling place details to state-specific voter registration guides.

In another bid to keep users as informed as possible, Google has now announced that it will display U.S. election results straight in search results, offered in more than 30 languages, as soon as the polls close.

Users who search for "election results," for instance, will be able to check detailed information on Presidential, Senatorial, Congressional, and Gubernatorial elections, as well as state-level matters and ballot propositions.

Google will update the results every 30 seconds and users will be able to keep tabs on various elections such as President, House and Senate, for instance, simply by switching between the tabs at the top. Moreover, Google will also include guiding info such as how many votes a presidential candidate needs to win the race, how many seats are available in the House and Senate, and others such.

To make it easy to grasp at a glance, Google will display the data in a visually significant format with Republicans in red and Democrats in blue, along with simple graphs and the relevant numbers.

In addition to the enhanced search results, Google is also stepping up its YouTube game for the elections. On Nov. 8, election day, YouTube will live stream election results coverage from a slew of major news organizations, more than ever before. Starting at 7 p.m. ET, users will be able to tune in to live coverage from PBS, Bloomberg, NBC, MTV, Telemundo and The Young Turks to keep tabs on the ongoing action. More options, perks and features are also in the mix for YouTubers, including a #voteIRL campaign and special election events.

"From the ballot box to tomorrow's late-night returns, we hope Google's tools help guide you through Election Day in a simple, clear and informative way," says Google.

The company has long been offering voter assistance tools for elections, but it really kicked things up a notch with 2016 election cycle to be your one-stop-shop for all necessary info on the U.S. presidential election. Will you be tapping the power of Google and YouTube to keep tabs on the action?

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