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Gaps In Congo And Uganda Border Is Making Ebola Quarantine More Difficult

People who have Ebola might be coming in and out of Uganda without going through official border posts, authorities have admitted. The first two confirmed cases of Ebola in Uganda used unguarded dirt paths between the two countries.

Public Health June 20, 2019

Ugandan Government Says Ebola Threat A Lot Worse Than Previous Projections

Uganda reported its first cases of Ebola this week. Two people have already died from the disease and three individuals were held in isolation after coming into contact with the infected patients.

Public Health June 15, 2019

Second Deadliest Congo Ebola Outbreak Hits Recorded 600 Cases

The Democratic Republic of Congo has reported 600 cases of Ebola since an outbreak was declared in the country last year. Fear of Ebola spreading to neighboring countries was heightened after hundreds of Congolese had sought refuge in Uganda.

Public Health January 3, 2019

WHO Says Ebola May Spread From Congo To Neighboring Uganda

Because of internal conflicts, WHO reassessed the alert level for the risk of Ebola outbreak in Congo as "very high." Health workers fear that the disease might also spill into Uganda and other neighboring countries.

Public Health September 30, 2018

11 Lions Found Dead In Uganda Via Suspected Poisoning

Lions from a wildlife park in Uganda were found dead in 11 suspected cases of poisoning. Lions are one of the animals included in the Red List of Threatened Species.

Animals April 16, 2018

Black Death Panic Spreads In Africa After Girl Dies With Blood Oozing From Her Eyes

Panic is spreading in Africa after a 9-year-old girl in Uganda died with blood oozing from her eyes. Tests on the girl's blood sample will confirm if she died from the disease known as the Black Death.

Public Health January 15, 2018

New Ebola Virus On The Rise: Marburg Virus Kills 3 In Uganda

The WHO confirmed three Marburg virus casualties. The organization closely coordinated with the Uganda government to address the illness and prevent possible catastrophic outbreaks similar to Ebola virus.

Public Health November 7, 2017

Decades Of Walking Barefoot In Volcanic Soil Linked To Elephantiasis Outbreak In Uganda

Alerted by an inexplicable elephantiasis outbreak in Uganda, health authorities discovered the reported cases were actually a different form of the disease, called podoconiosis. This condition is not caused by a worm, but rather by prolonged exposure to volcanic soil.

Public Health April 11, 2017

Google Invites Netizens To Discover Beauty Of Africa: Street View Adds Senegal, Ghana, And Uganda

Google has added Senegal, Ghana, And Uganda to its Street View application. With the latest addition, Google's Street view now adds up to 81 countries across the globe with seven in Africa.

Google February 17, 2017

Google Launches Wi-Fi Network In Uganda

The company has set up over 120 Wi-Fi hotspots across the capital of Kampala, hoping to lay the groundwork for affordable Internet access in the country for years to come.

Internet December 4, 2015

Chimps Use Clay As Mineral-Rich Dietary Supplement

Everyone needs a healthy diet. Chimps in Uganda are meeting their nutritional needs by eating clay, promoting detoxification and digestion as well in the process.

July 30, 2015

Very Rare African Golden Cat Caught on Camera

The African golden cat is so elusive it is rarely photographed, but scientists were able to capture what could be the first ever video of this predator hunting Colobus monkeys in daylight.

Animals January 30, 2015

Scientists Find Mammal Species that Practices Incest Frequently

Rate of incest is high in close-knit groups of banded mongoose in Africa, researchers say. Dynamics of their social group may be driving high levels of incest, they say.

Animals December 26, 2014

Chimps in Uganda raid farms for food under cover of darkness [Video]

A chimp's gotta do what a chimp's gotta do. Chimpanzees in Uganda's Kibale National Park are ignoring borders, venturing into corn fields to look for food.

Earth/Environment October 26, 2014

Chimps experience Cultural Revolution by sharing new tools

Chimpanzees are able to teach each other new ways of using tools in the wild, a new study from Uganda reveals.

Animals October 2, 2014

FGM or female genital mutilation in focus after London arrests

Two people are arrested in Britain on conspiracy to commit female genital mutilation. It comes as girls' rights are continuing to be a focus of human rights groups.

Life July 28, 2014

Ebola update: Death toll at 467 in West Africa, WHO calls for emergency meeting

Ghana is hosting an emergency meeting to fight the largest Ebola outbreak in history. The meeting will be attended by policymakers, officials, doctors, representatives and corporations from different countries.

Life July 2, 2014

Uganda nurse allegedly spreads HIV deliberately, case reflects lax hospital protocol

An HIV-positive nurse is facing criminal charges after pricking her finger with a needle and using the same needle to a two-year old patient.

Life April 14, 2014

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