Google Invites Netizens To Discover Beauty Of Africa: Street View Adds Senegal, Ghana, And Uganda


When people are asked about Africa, most imagine about the mud houses, the jungles, and the wild animals. What many do not know is that, like all other continents, Africa also has its share of historic monuments, art centers, cities, and other landmarks. In fact, from the lovely scenic mountains located in the south to the exotic beaches of the west and the amazing parks of the east, African regions contain some of the most captivating views in the world.

To give a peak at what the African regions truly look and bust some of the myths floating about the continent, Google has added three more African countries to its Street View application. The announcement of the latest additions was through the company's blog on Feb. 10. With the latest addition, Google's Street view now adds up to 81 countries across the globe with seven in Africa.

Street View Mobile

With Street View optimized for mobile in August and providing Daydream VR support in November, users can explore the new locations from any smart device and not just the laptop/PC.

People can virtually tour some of the best cities, iconic landmarks, and ancient monuments in Senegal, Ghana, and Uganda.

We have listed some of them as below:

1. 160 Foot Tall African Renaissance Monument In Senegal

The bronze monument, which was unveiled in the presence of 19 African heads of state in 2010, is located outside of Dakar, a city along the western coast of Country on the Atlantic Ocean.

2. Lake Retba In Senegal

This Lake is renowned for its pink waters

3. Nzulezo-The UNESCO World Heritage Site Village In Ghana

This village is located atop stilts over Lake Tadane in Ghana and was named a world heritage site in 2000

4. Snazzy-Looking Ghana's National Theatre

Home to the three resident companies of the National Symphony Orchestra, National Dance Company, and the National Theatre Players, Ghana's National theatre is for those who have eyes for cultural entertainment.

5. National Parks Of Uganda Including The Queen Elizabeth National Park

With many African parks getting into endangered list, the National Parks of Uganda, including the Queen Elizabeth National Park, is home to a number of endangered species. Google Partnered up with the Uganda Wildlife Authority to bring some of the best images from the most amazing and iconic National Parks. With a huge collection of birds including Cape Parrot and a variety of wildlife, these are simply fantastic views for wildlife lovers.

The latest additions to Google Street View would be a boon to those users who wanted to explore the different parts of the continent-especially those who never had the means to explore the places physically. While it may not be the real thing, the virtual reality version is still something better. Well, it is nice to see Google supporting the Street views with new locations and bringing in innovative experiences. So start exploring these ones now!

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