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UNAIDS Head Asked To Resign Following 'Culture Of Bullying' Scandal

Michael Sidibe announced that he will end his term as executive director of UNAIDS in 2019. A recent report called out Sidibe and the agency for fostering a culture of bullying and harassment.

Public Health December 14, 2018

UN Report Says Ozone Layer Is Now Healing

A UN report revealed that the ozone has started to heal 30 years after the ratification of the Montreal Protocol. The ozone layer protects living beings on Earth from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Earth/Environment November 6, 2018

UN Leaders Pledge To End TB For Good

The United Nations announced the effort to eliminate tuberculosis, which kills over 1 million people, worldwide. The UN General Assembly committed to provide 40 million people with the care they need within five years.

Public Health September 29, 2018

Researchers Discover Six New Marine Animal Species In Indian Ocean Floor

A group of marine biologists from the UK has announced the discovery of six new species of animals near the hot springs on the seabed of Indian Ocean. The robot led survey was spearheaded by scientists from the Southampton University, Natural History Museum in London and University of Newcastle.

Animals December 18, 2016

Record Coral Deaths Reported In Australia’s Great Barrier Reef For 2016

Coral die-offs in Australia's Great Barrier Reef for 2016 have been a record due to the warming of oceans. A study said the most affected has been a 700-kilometer patch at the northern part of the reef.

Earth/Environment November 29, 2016

Paris Climate Change Agreement Now International Law: Global Warming Addressed

An overwhelming majority of world governments voted to elevate a climate change accord into an international law. Signatories are legally bound to contribute in the reduction of greenhouse gas emission to help limit global warming to two degrees Celsius.

Earth/Environment November 5, 2016

UN Study Suggests That Dating Apps Are Fueling Teen HIV Epidemic

With only a day away until World AIDS Day 2015 on Dec. 1, the UN has released a study that shows a major uptick in the HIV epidemic among teens — and dating apps might be playing a part in the rising rate.

Apps/Software November 30, 2015

Over 100 Experts Warn UN Of The Health Hazards Associated With Wireless Technology

An international team of scientists has appealed to the UN to protect people against the health risks of the mobile phone and other wireless radiation. Tablets, mobile phones and laptops produce EMF radiation, which is the same as microwave range.

May 14, 2015

Tony Abbott Advisor Says Climate Change Is UN Conspiracy For New World Order

Australian PM Tony Abbott's chief business adviser Maurice Newman claims the UN has been using false models exaggerating the threat of global warming to place the world under authoritarian rule.

Earth/Environment May 8, 2015

Half of World's Population Affected by Poor Nutrition: WHO, UN Join to Tackle Problem

Hunger and malnutrition affect half of the people on Earth, a problem being tackled by the United Nations and World Health Organization.

Life November 19, 2014

Net-Zero Carbon Emissions by 2070: UN Aims to Increase Pace of Action

The Emissions Gap report developed by the United Nations has set new goals for nations to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, but is it already too late?

Earth/Environment November 19, 2014

Is the cost of fighting climate change low? US, EU and UN say yes in leaked handbook

A new leaked document from the UN shows that the organization is trying to emphasize the relatively low costs of switching to energy sources with lower carbon dioxide emissions. The document is slated to be published November 2.

Energy October 21, 2014

UN vows to end deforestation by 2030: Here's how

Deforestation could be halted by the year 2030, under a new agreement negotiated by the United Nations.

Earth/Environment September 25, 2014

People's Climate March: New York readies for UN Climate Summit. Are you ready?

New York City will soon see tens of thousands of demonstrators, calling on world leaders to take action on global climate change.

Earth/Environment September 21, 2014

Deep cuts in greenhouse gases needed by 2050 to slow global warming: UN

Global warming can only be held in check through major cuts in emissions of greenhouse gases, a new meta-study from the UN will announce.

Earth/Environment August 10, 2014

High pot use making U.S. high, UN report says

According to the new UN World Drug report, marijuana use in the U.S. has increased over the past five years, probably as the result of decriminalization and legalization of pot.

Life June 29, 2014

WHO warns of air pollution levels in major urban centers, New Delhi has dirtiest air

India's New Delhi is now on top of the list of cities with the worst levels of air pollution. The city has officially trumped Beijing in terms of worsening air quality.

Earth/Environment May 10, 2014

U.N. Climate change report flooded by interference from governments, reveals expert

One of the world's leading experts on climate change says that the latest UN climate change report was marred by interference from multiple governments. The expert claims that changes were made to the report before it was released.

Earth/Environment April 28, 2014

H5N1 bird flu mere 5 mutations away from spreading to people: How to protect yourself?

Health officials have long feared that the H5N1 bird flu virus will jump to human population. Now, a team of researchers published a study detailing how this could be possible. It's scary.

Life April 13, 2014

New U.N. report on climate change to highlight carbon emissions and the sources

A new United Nations report on climate change is expected to call out the highest carbon emitters on the planet.

Earth/Environment April 11, 2014

UN climate change report warns of irreversible impacts, calls on the whole world to take action now

The UN has finally released a new report on global warming. The report warns that the effects could be “severe, pervasive and irreversible.”

Earth/Environment March 31, 2014

UN scientists to report climate change impacts: Food and Water shortage, flooding on spotlight

While a lot of people do not take climate change seriously, the United Nations' latest report is expected to reveal how it can impact human existence.

Earth/Environment March 24, 2014

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