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Hill's Recalls Select Canned Dog Food Over Elevated Vitamin D Levels

Hill's Pet Nutrition confirmed that its canned dog foods have elevated levels of vitamin D, which might seriously affect the health of pets, hence the voluntary recall of these products. The company said it was due to a supplier error.

Public Health February 4, 2019

Magnesium Can Boost Effectivity Of Vitamin D, Says Study

Scientists found that taking vitamin D alone might not improve deficiency. Magnesium has been found to raise vitamin D levels in people who are deficient and lower it in people who have too much vitamin D.

Medicine December 17, 2018

Vitamin D Supplements Give Little To No Improvement To Bone Health Says Study

According to researchers, vitamin D supplements do not give special health benefits to people who are not deficient. In a review of previous trials, they found that supplements do not improve bone health nor prevent fractures and falls.

Medicine October 7, 2018

Higher Vitamin D Levels Linked To Reduced Breast Cancer Risks

Researchers found that great amounts of vitamin D may reduce the risks of developing breast cancer in women. The beneficial levels were found to be much higher than the current daily recommendations.

Medicine June 17, 2018

Higher Levels Of Vitamin D Could Help Prevent Colon Cancer, Particularly In Women

A new study shows that people who have higher levels of vitamin D are less likely to develop colon cancer. Researchers of the study suggest that more vitamin D could help strengthen resistance from stomach tumors, particularly in women.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 14, 2018

Lack Of Vitamin D Linked To Belly Fat: Here’s What You Can Eat To Prevent Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to diabetes and heart disease, but more recently to obesity. The good news, however, is that the vitamin can be obtained from sun exposure and foods.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 24, 2018

Study Shows People With Higher Levels Of Belly Fat Could Suffer From Vitamin D Deficiency

Obesity and vitamin D deficiency could be linked according to a new study. The study showed that men and women who had higher levels of fat around their abdomen suffered from vitamin D deficiency.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 21, 2018

Vitamin D Therapy May Help Diabetes Treatment, Study Shows

Scientists have discovered that vitamin D therapy may help in the treatment of diabetes. Vitamin D, known as the sunshine vitamin, may be combined with a newly identified compound to bring glucose levels back to normal in mouse models.

Medicine May 14, 2018

Vitamin D Deficiency Poses Greater Risk Of Diabetes, Epidemiologists Say

An epidemiology study showed that people deficient in vitamin D have increased chances of diabetes. Researchers from UCSD and Seoul University had found that low levels of vitamin D in the blood caused healthy individuals to become prediabetic or diabetic.

Public Health April 21, 2018

High Levels Of Vitamin D Reduces Risk Of Cancer By 50 Percent, Says Study

People with high levels of vitamin D may reduce the risk of developing cancer by 50 percent, according to a new study. Vitamin D can be found in food like cheese, the sun, and regular intake of vitamin D supplements.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 9, 2018

Taking Vitamin D And Calcium Supplements Might Not Help Bones At All, Study Says

A new analysis of previous studies suggests that taking supplements for calcium and vitamin D aren’t associated with preventing bone fractures in adults. Should you stop taking them?

Medicine December 27, 2017

Got Vitamin D Deficiency? Your Sunscreen Might Be The Culprit

Research found that over a billion people in the world suffered from vitamin D deficiency. Scientists claimed that the rate of deficiency increased due to people's propensity to use sunscreen lotion and fear of exposure to sunlight.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 3, 2017

Asthma Risk High Among Kids With Moms Short On Vitamin E

Children born to mothers with low vitamin E levels bear a higher risk of asthma and require medication in early years. In mothers, the problem is accentuated by the shortage of alpha-tocopherol that comes from sunflower and safflower oils.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 7, 2017

Vitamin D Supplement Can Protect You From Cold, Flu

Vitamin D supplements can reportedly protect one from catching the flu or a cold. The vitamin helps protect people against acute infections in the respiratory tract.

Medicine February 16, 2017

Is It Vitamin D Deficiency That Gives You Frequent Headaches?

A new Finnish study shows that men who maintain low vitamin D levels may be at a higher risk of chronic headache, with subjects that are most deficient suffering a two-fold increased risk.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 6, 2017

Vitamin D Found To Fight Metabolic Syndrome, Boost Gut Flora

A study on mice reveals that improving the vitamin D levels in the body can aid the prevention and treatment of metabolic syndrome, which is the key to chronic diseases like heart problems and diabetes. Vitamin D is also believed to help in maintaining the integrity of the good and bad gut bacteria.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 25, 2016

More Time Outdoors Early In Life May Prevent Nearsightedness

People who spent more time outdoors when they were between the ages 14 and 29 years had reduced risk for nearsightedness. How does sunlight help ward off the condition also known as myopia?

Healthy Living/Wellness December 2, 2016

Higher Levels Of Vitamin D Linked With Better Outcomes For Breast Cancer Survivors

High amounts of vitamin D in blood improve the survival rate of patients with breast cancer, reported a recent study. Researchers observed 30 percent increase in survival rate among women who had breast cancer.

Healthy Living/Wellness November 16, 2016

Don’t Worry About Getting More Vitamin D, Doctors Reassure

According to a new study, a large number of people administer medication for a problem they don't actually have. Vitamin D, a vital nutrient in the human body, is actually present in necessary amounts in most people.

Public Health November 11, 2016

Low Vitamin D Level Linked To Increased Bladder Cancer Risk

Low levels of vitamin D have been linked to an increased risk for bladder cancer. How does the sunshine vitamin influence the body's likelihood of developing cancer?

Public Health November 9, 2016

Want To Lower Your Risk Of Serious Asthma Attack? Take Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D supplements alongside regular asthma medication could help reduce severe asthma attacks from 6 percent to 3 percent. In a new study, the risk of hospitalization was found to reduce with inclusion of supplements.

Medicine September 7, 2016

Pregnancy Supplements Could Be A Waste Of Money, Doctors Urge Women To Take Folic Acid And Vitamin D

Are pregnancy supplements really worth the time and money? A new study found that these prenatal multivitamins and minerals do not improve the health of both the mother and baby.

Medicine July 13, 2016

Higher Vitamin D Levels May Lead To Lower Cancer Risk

Increasing sun exposure may reduce your risks of developing cancer, according to researchers. This is because higher levels of vitamin D have been associated with lower risks for certain cancers.

Life April 11, 2016

Vitamin D Supplements Linked To Improvements In Heart Failure Patients

University of Leeds researchers showed that daily vitamin D supplementation translated to improved heart function in heart failure patients. The benefits, though, were seen in vitamin D3, the type produced in the skin, and not D2.

Life April 5, 2016

Vitamin D Supplements Do Not Relieve Arthritic Knee Pain

Vitamin D does not provide significant help for knee arthritic pain and bone loss, a new study found. A clinical trial that ran for two years did not find significant beneficial effects of vitamin D among patients with knee osteoarthritis.

Life March 9, 2016

Taking Vitamin D While Pregnant May Strengthen Bones Of Winter Babies

The use of vitamin D supplements has shown improved bone health in babies born in winter. This counteracts the effects brought on by limited sunlight exposure during the season, which could hamper bone growth in babies.

Life March 5, 2016

Low Vitamin D Level May Indicate More Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Vitamin D deficiency is a biomarker that can help predict the aggressiveness of prostate cancer. Experts recommend that men with dark skin, low sun exposure and vitamin D intake should get their vitamin D level tested when they are diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Life March 2, 2016

Breastfed Babies Should Receive Vitamin D Supplements After First Birthday

Babies need to have vitamin D supplements if they continue to breastfeed after their first birthday. A new study shows that children may be at risk of vitamin D deficiency even if breast milk is supplemented with solid food beyond the age of 1.

Life February 21, 2016

Vitamin D Deficiency May Impact Efficacy Of HIV Treatment

Vitamin D deficiency may limit the effects of current HIV treatment. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) positive patients with adequate levels of vitamin D are more likely to respond to anti-retroviral therapy.

Life November 19, 2015

Vitamin D Can Help Lower Risk Of Heart Diseases: Here's How Much You Need

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to cardiac events. A new study sheds light on the minimum amount of vitamin D levels in the body that will keep people safe from heart diseases.

Life November 17, 2015

Taking Megadoses Of Vitamins Is Dangerous, Experts Warn

People often associate higher intake of vitamins with better health. Experts, however, warn that vitamin megadose may actually result in more harm than good.

Life November 16, 2015

Vitamin D Can Reduce Heart Disease Risks In Kidney Disease Patients

Researchers in India linked vitamin D supplementation with the cardiovascular health benefits in early-stage chronic kidney disease. About one in 10 individuals worldwide is affected by this kidney condition, with most patients likely developing premature cardiovascular disease.

Life November 9, 2015

Vitamin D and Calcium Do Not Prevent Colon Cancer

New research offered strong evidence against vitamin D and calcium in preventing polyps in the future. This is despite optimistic results from previous, smaller trials vouching for the supplements' effectiveness.

Life October 16, 2015

Calcium Supplements Won't Prevent Bone Fractures, Increased Intake Raises Risks For Cardiovascular Problems And Kidney Stones

Two separate studies published in the British Medical Journal add to the growing debate on whether older individuals should increase calcium intake through supplementation to lower their osteoporosis and bone fracture risks.

Life October 1, 2015

Genetics, Lifestyle Factors Affect Odds For Age-Related Macular Degenaration: How To Reduce Risks

Lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise and smoking do have an effect on people's chances of acquiring age related macular degeneration, new study finds.

Life September 19, 2015

Low Vitamin D Level Linked To Faster Cognitive Decline

A new study has proven that having low levels of vitamin D can speed up cognitive degeneration, especially among the elderly. Patients with low vitamin D levels had a harder time recalling, thinking and solving problems compared with others who had higher levels.

Life September 17, 2015

Genes That Cause Low Vitamin-D Levels May Be Linked To MS

Researchers were able to discover that MS risk may be influenced by the genes that cause low vitamin D levels. This study may have practical implications to public health as authors said that vitamin D supplementation programs are lacking amid its safe and low-cost effectivity.

Life August 26, 2015

Vitamin D May Be Harmful For Obese Teens: Here's Why

Vitamin D supplements intended to reduce some health risks of obesity may in fact by bad for teens' health, research suggests. Study indicated possible increase in cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Life August 17, 2015

Researchers Say Lack Of Vitamin D Not The Cause Of Winter Deaths

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to the occurrence of heart disease and winter deaths in the United Kingdom, but this assumption is now being challenged by a new study led by University of Dundee researchers.

Life June 24, 2015

Vitamin D Not Helpful In Lowering Blood Pressure: Study

Vitamin D may be associated with several health benefits but a review of clinical trials and studies has revealed that the sunshine vitamin does not help lower high blood pressure.

Life March 19, 2015

Lack Of Vitamin D More Likely To Cause Diabetes Than Obesity

New research sheds some light on the connection between Vitamin D and glucose metabolism disorders.

Life February 24, 2015

Lack Of Vitamin D In Children May Result In Heart Disease Later In Life

According to a study, how much vitamin D you got as a child may determine whether or not you develop atherosclerosis as an adult.

Life February 11, 2015

Vitamin D May Help Prevent Colon Cancer by Beefing Up Immune System

Need a reason to step out and soak up the sun? It turns out simple sun exposure can lead to lower risks of developing colorectal cancer.

Life January 16, 2015

Can vitamin D help prevent type 2 diabetes?

A latest research suggests that vitamin D is not linked with type 2 diabetes. The study reiterates that type 2 diabetes can be prevented by following a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Life October 1, 2014

Low vitamin D ups risk of dementia, Alzheimer's in elderly

People—especially the elderly—should find time to bask in the sun for a natural dose of Vitamin D. A new study reveals a deficiency of such vitamin is linked to dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Life August 7, 2014

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