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Is A Supervolcano Forming Under New England? Rising Mass Of Warm Rock Discovered Under Vermont, New Hampshire, And Massachusetts

Researchers discovered a mass of warm rock welling up under Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and possibly other regions. Will this alter New England's geography and create a powerful volcano?

Earth/Environment June 26, 2018

Ancient Volcanic Eruptions Hint How Climate Change May Lead To Mass Extinction Events

The extinction of marine organisms in the Early Jurassic Period occurred after powerful volcanic eruptions sent large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. What does this tell about modern-day climate change?

Earth/Environment June 14, 2018

Scientists Not Sure Why Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Erupted And When It Will Stop

Experts' continued efforts to study the recent eruption of Kilauea volcano in Hawaii's Big Island suggest more eruptions are on the way. Fissures release toxic gases, which keep residents away from their homes.

Earth/Environment May 10, 2018

Hundreds Flee As Hawaii’s Most Active Volcano Kilauea Spews Lava And High Levels Of Toxic Gas

Authorities ordered the citizens of Big Island in Hawaii to evacuate following Mount Kilauea’s eruption. The volcano spewed toxic sulfur dioxide gas in the air, which can cause respiratory problems.

Earth/Environment May 5, 2018

Supercomputer Reveals Yellowstone's Magma Transition Zone: Can Scientists Now Predict Future Supervolcano Eruptions?

The transition zone controls the movement of magma that flows out during a volcanic eruption. Can scientists now determine when the next eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano will occur?

Earth/Environment April 18, 2018

Newly Discovered Hot Magma Plume Beneath Yellowstone Volcano Stretches To Mexico

Scientists may have found strong evidence linking Yellowstone’s volcanic activity to a massive hot magma plume that extends to the Mexican border. Researchers said further study is needed to determine how plumes affect ground movements on earth.

Earth/Environment March 22, 2018

Volcanic Thunder Recorded By Scientists From Eruption of Bogoslof Volcano In Alaska

Geophysicists proved the existence of volcanic thunder by isolating sounds from an erupting volcano. The thunderclaps are usually accompanied by volcanic lightning that could be used to determine ash plume volumes.

Earth/Environment March 16, 2018

Hunter-Gatherers Thrived Through Volcanic Winter After Mount Toba Supervolcano Eruption

The eruption of supervolcano Mount Toba in Indonesia 74,000 years ago is believed to have nearly decimated the human species. How did the hunter-gatherers at the Pinnacle Point rockshelter in the southern coast of South Africa survive?

Earth/Environment March 13, 2018

Ozone Layer Depletion Caused By Ancient Volcanic Eruptions Contributed To Earth's Largest Mass Extinction

The depletion of the ozone layer caused by periodic volcanic eruptions has contributed to the largest mass extinction event Earth has experienced. How did the phenomenon lead to the collapse of the biosphere?

Earth/Environment February 8, 2018

The Asteroid That Killed The Dinosaurs Also Triggered Catastrophic Underwater Volcano Eruptions

A new study claimed that the asteroid crash 66 million years ago that wiped out the dinosaurs also triggered catastrophic underwater volcano eruptions. Some scientists, however, remain skeptical that the two events are connected.

Ancient February 8, 2018

Campi Flegrei: Scientists Find Magma Source Of Italy Supervolcano That May Erupt Soon

The magma source, or hot zone, of Campi Flegrei in Italy suggests that the supervolcano may erupt soon. Scientists said the volcano is now like a boiling pot of soup beneath the surface.

Earth/Environment September 18, 2017

Ancient Volcanic Eruptions In Antarctica Sparked Rapid Climate Change At The End Of Ice Age

The ancient eruptions of the stratovolcano Mount Takahe released high levels of chlorine and fluorine. How did these likely trigger the sudden and widespread climate change that occurred at the end of the ice age?

Earth/Environment September 5, 2017

Can Scientists Predict Volcanic Eruptions? Volcanic Crystals Offer New View Of Magma

Volcanic crystals acquired from the debris around New Zealand’s Mount Tarawera may help scientists better predict volcanic eruptions, a new study revealed. This may help determine which volcanoes are at most risk from erupting.

Earth/Environment June 15, 2017

This Event Turned Earth Into A Massive Snowball Some 700 Million Years Ago

Continual volcanic eruptions are pinpointed for 'snowball Earth' some 700 million years ago. Harvard researchers explain how this phenomenon came to be and caused pole-to-pole glaciation on the planet.

Earth/Environment March 15, 2017

Italy’s Mount Etna Erupts Anew: Ash Clouds Changing Weather And Travel Plans

Italy’s Mount Etna has emitted a mass of lava and ash clouds, calling the attention of authorities as well as alarming holiday travelers.

Earth/Environment March 7, 2017

Researchers Date Massive Ancient Volcanic Eruption With Help From Fossilized Tree, Ice Cores

Using radiocarbon measurements, scientists have traced the date when the Changbaishan volcano in East Asia erupted. The research also debunks the theory that the eruption contributed to the collapse of the Bohai kingdom.

Earth/Environment January 31, 2017

Volcano That Caused Europe’s Largest Volcanic Eruption Stirring Again: What Would Happen If A Supervolcano Erupts?

The Campi Flegrei volcano in Italy which caused Europe's largest volcanic eruption shows signs it could blow up again. What happens when supervolcanoes such as Camp Flegrei and Yellowstone erupt?

Earth/Environment December 24, 2016

Alaska's Bogoslof Volcano Unexpectedly Erupts, Sparks Aviation Alert

The volcano on the tiny Bogoslof Island in Alaska suddenly erupted on Tuesday, the event being spotted by several pilots. The eruption has caused worries due to the fact that many planes fly across the area, thus being at risk of being disrupted by the smoke and ashes.

Earth/Environment December 23, 2016

Supervolcano That Caused Largest Explosion In History Of Europe May Blow Up Again

The volcanic eruption that formed the Campi Flegrei caldera 39,000 years ago is the largest in the history of Europe. Is the supervolcano under Naples in Italy about to erupt again?

Earth/Environment December 22, 2016

Giant Magmatic Lake Discovered Below Uturuncu Volcano In Bolivia

A giant magmatic lake discovered below a dormant volcano in Bolivia holds water equivalent to that of the world's giant lakes. The discovery sheds light on why volcanoes erupt.

Earth/Environment November 10, 2016

Japan Volcano Eruption: Mount Aso Erupts But No Injury Reported

Mount Aso In Japan erupted on Saturday sending volcanic ash 7 miles into the skies. No injury or major damage was reported but officials have raised alert level to 3.

Earth/Environment October 8, 2016

Sakurajima Volcano In Japan Due For Major Eruption Within 25 Years

The Sakurajima Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in Japan, is due for a major eruption within 25 years. Its last major eruption occurred in 1914.

Earth/Environment September 14, 2016

Hawaii Volcano Cracks Mysterious Grin Amid Historic Eruption

For the first time in several years, lava released from the Kilauea volcano has reached the Pacific Ocean — and the volcano is leaving a smile in its wake.

Earth/Environment August 1, 2016

Is Alaska's Pavlof Volcano Ready To Blow Its Top?

Pavlof Volcano in Alaska is showing signs it could erupt soon. How real is the danger to surrounding communities?

Earth/Environment July 2, 2016

Volcanic Eruption Warning Sign: Active Volcanoes Become Silent Before They Erupt

A period of quiet may indicate that an active volcano is about to blow up. The duration of this silent period also predicts the amount of energy the impending volcanic eruption will release.

Earth/Environment June 26, 2016

Archaeologists Find Human Skeletons, Gold Coins In Ancient Pompeii Shop Ruins

Archaeologists discovered four human skeletons and gold coins in the ruins of an ancient shop in Pompeii. The remains belong to people who died when Mount Vesuvius erupted in A.D. 79.

Ancient June 25, 2016

Looming Eruption Prompts Warning To Stay Away From New Zealand's Lord Of The Rings Volcano

Officials warned visitors to stay away from Mount Ruapehu, the so-called 'Lord Of The Rings Volcano,' because of a potential eruption. Mount Ruapehu is located at the Tongariro National Park in the North Island.

Earth/Environment May 12, 2016

Swarms Of Earthquake Help Recharge Mount St Helens For Eruption

The U.S. Geological Survey has detected more than 130 small earthquakes at Mount St. Helens over the past few weeks. Researchers are now trying to find out whether these seismic activities are signs of an impending volcanic eruption.

Earth/Environment May 9, 2016

Two Massive Volcanic Eruptions May Have Led To Dark Ages In Europe And Beyond

The dark ages of Europe might be linked to two massive volcanic eruptions that happened thousands of years ago, reveals a study. The back-to-back volcanic eruptions occurred in 536 A.D. and 540 A.D.

Earth/Environment April 23, 2016

North Korea's Sleeping Volcano Mt. Paektu Could Wake Up Anytime

Recent activities surrounding North Korea's sleeping yet dangerous volcano Mt. Paektu have been noted. Will it erupt anytime soon?

Animals April 19, 2016

Airlines Cancel Flights As Alaska's Pavlof Volcano Spews Massive Ash Cloud

Alaska Airlines on Monday cancelled flights operating to and from six cities across the state due to the massive ash cloud spewed by Mount Pavlof. The volcano erupted on Sunday afternoon and continued to eject ash overnight.

Animals March 29, 2016

Pavlof Volcano In Southwest Alaska Erupts, Sends Ash 20,000 Feet High

About two years after spewing out ash and lava, the Pavlof Volcano in Alaska on Sunday erupted, sending out ash 20,000 feet into the sky. Geologists have raised aviation warning levels from "green" to "red."

Animals March 28, 2016

Experts Discover Evidences Of 12 Giant Super Eruptions Around Yellowstone Hotspot Track

Scientists discover that Yellowstone hotspot track may be bigger than previously known. About 12 super eruptions were recorded during the period of intense magmatic activity, which happened 8 to 12 million years ago.

Animals March 26, 2016

You Can Outrun A Supervolcano, Evidence From Ancient Eruption Suggests

A car may boost the odds of survival once a volcanic eruption occurs. Findings of a new study suggest that deadly pyroclastic flows travel at speeds ranging from 10 to 45 miles per hour.

Animals March 8, 2016

North Korea’s Nuclear Tests Could Bring Dormant Mount Paektu Back To Life, Cause ‘Catastrophic Eruption,' Experts Warn

South Korean seismologists warned that the nuclear tests of North Korea could incite the eruption of Mount Paektu. Nuclear explosions, they said, could overpressure the magma chamber of the volcano.

Earth/Environment February 20, 2016

Geologic Event Identified As Cause Of Strong Earthquakes: Diking Linked To Tremors With Magnitude Between 6 And 7

Diking occurs when Earth's tectonic plates move apart and cause magma to rise and form dikes. It was pinpointed as a cause of strong earthquakes after researchers studied a 2002 volcanic eruption in Congo and a strong earthquake that followed.

Animals February 9, 2016

Japan's Sakurajima Volcano Erupts With Wrath 30 Miles From Nuclear Plant

Sakurajima in southern Japan erupted in a spectacular fashion last week, shooting ash about a mile into the dark sky and sending lava down its slopes. It is located 30 miles from a nuclear plant but has not been reported to cause any damage to the power station and its operations.

Animals February 6, 2016

Earth Is In Volcano Season: Supervolcano Eruption Could Occur Within 80 Years, European Scientists Warn

A report found that a supervolcano eruption in Yellowstone may claim the lives of millions within 80 years. Since the government is not prepared for such rare volcanic eruptions, it may cause more damage than asteroids, tsunamis and drought.

Animals January 8, 2016

New Study Says 'Curtain Of Fire' Killed The Dinosaurs: Other Possible Causes Of The Animals' Extinction

Scientists are yet to agree on why dinosaurs became extinct, but there is a wealth of likely causes behind their disappearance 66 million years ago. The potential reasons go beyond the volcanism theory.

Animals November 26, 2015

Could Mount St. Helens Erupt Again? Volcanic Tremors Hint Of Magma Being Injected

Earthquakes that occurred before the May 1980 eruption of Mount. St. Helens may have been caused by magma being injected from one chamber to another. Researchers said more tremors were observed in the area.

Animals November 9, 2015

Strange Geological Feature On Our Moon Unlike Anything Ever Seen Before

Scientists try to solve the puzzle of a giant mound at the moon's south pole, different from anything else seen on the lunar surface. A combination of a giant impact and resulting volcanism may have created it, they suspect.

Space October 19, 2015

Asteroid Impact + Earthquakes + Volcanoes = Goodbye Dinosaurs

Impact of an asteroid 66 millions years ago may have just been the opening act in the extinction of the dinosaurs, a study suggests. A one-two punch of impact and volcanic eruptions may have overwhelmed them, researchers say.

Animals October 1, 2015

Our Moon Once Had 'Fountains Of Fire' From Lava Eruptions Like Those On Earth Today

Scientists discover the driving force behind dramatic lava fountains that once erupted from the surface of the moon. It's a gas, they discovered.

Space August 25, 2015

Full Blue Moon: A Reason To Look Up On July 31

'Once in a blue moon' is literally happening on July 31 according to one of its two emerging definitions. Experts, however, say that the physical color of the moon may not actually resemble that of the vast ocean so set your expectations straight.

Space July 27, 2015

Volcanic Eruptions In North America May Have Been Last Straw For Roman Empire

Experts found that the volcanic eruptions that preceded the cool summers and climate changes in the 6th century may be the last straw for the Roman Empire. As volcanic ash shields the Earth from solar radiation, unusually cool temperatures rose, leading to famines and plagues.

Animals July 9, 2015

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