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Giant Telescope Joins Breakthrough Hunt For Planets In Alpha Centauri

Breakthrough Initiatives of Russian billionaire Yuri Milner will fund an upgrade to an instrument on the ESO’s Very Large Telescope, equipping it in its search for planets at Alpha Centauri.

Space January 10, 2017

Stephen Hawking, Yuri Milner Plan To Explore Closest Earth-Like Planet Proxima B

The discovery of the closest Earth-like planet to our solar system is creating a buzz in the scientific community. With that, top scientific minds such as Stephen Hawking are planning to launch an ambitious exploration to the exoplanet.

Space August 28, 2016

Stephen Hawking, Yuri Milner Plan To Send Tiny Interstellar Probes To Alpha Centauri: What Are Potential Problems?

Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking and Russian billionaire Yuri Milner plan to send a fleet of nano spacecraft to star system Alpha Centauri. The ambitious plan, however, is not immune to potential problems.

Space April 15, 2016

Stephen Hawking, Russian Billionaire Want To Build Interstellar Starship To Visit Alpha Centauri

Russian tech entrepreneur and billionaire Yuri Milner, along with Stephen Hawking and Mark Zuckerberg, announced an interstellar mission to Alpha Centauri. 'Breakthrough Starshot' will send a fleet of nanocrafts to the star systems to look for any planetary existence and details in that part of the universe.

Space April 13, 2016

Breakthrough Prize Awards Millions To Outstanding Scientists

Breakthrough Prize awarded seven scientists with $21 million for their contributions to the fields of life sciences, math and physics. Founder Yuri Milner said he wants scientists to be celebrated just like how young people praise movies and television shows.

November 9, 2015

Stephen Hawking Joins Yuri Milner In $100 Million Hunt For Alien Lifeform: How You Can Help

A hunt for alien life will turn to crowdsourced computing power to crunch data. Your computer, tablet or smartphone can help in the search, project leaders say.

July 26, 2015

Russian Billionaire Yuri Milner Pledges $100 Million Fund To Help Search For Alien Life

With $100 million, Yuri Milner bolstered the search for signs of alien life, supporting the decades-long effort of astronomers by making technology and other resources more easily available.

Space July 20, 2015

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