Nokia Still Working After Being Thrown Through Police Car Window

A Nokia phone was thrown at a police car in England and managed to remain undamaged. The phone also did no harm to the police car.

Viral February 12, 2018

Xerox Engineers Claim Drop in Chicago Crime Rate Due To Unclogged Printers

Xerox engineers are taking credit for a drop in the crime rate in Chicago during the mid '90s. By reducing paper jams in printers, lawyers' work became more efficient.

Viral February 12, 2018

Mom Gives Daughter Marijuana Gummies To Reduce Anxiety, Says Report

Sylvia A. Rubio, a 38-year-old from Radium Springs, New Mexico, gave her 13-year-old daughter marijuana gummies to help her reduce symptoms of anxiety. She was charged with child abuse and distributing marijuana to a minor.

Viral February 11, 2018

Elon Musk Says He Found Loophole To Ship Flamethrowers

Elon Musk created a flamethrower and began selling it through his website. Now that it’s sold out he’s run into problems, customs agencies don’t want to ship the product.

Viral February 7, 2018

Amazon Pulls Hair Dryer After It's Discovered To Shoot Fire

A woman found that the hair dryer she bought from Amazon may have been a little too hot. Instead of blowing air to dry her hair, the hair dryer was blowing out a fire.

Viral February 6, 2018

Nurse Rants About The Flu In Epic Viral Video: ‘Wash Your Stinking Hands’

A nurse from Florida has taken to Facebook to express her frustrations about people who aren’t taking the necessary precautions to stop the spread of flu. Her sass has drawn both the ire and praise of various audiences.

Viral February 4, 2018

Teenager Suffers From Lead Poisoning After Eating Pens And Pencils

A 14-year-old from New York has been hospitalized from lead poisoning after eating pens and pencils. This isn't the first time the teenager has been hospitalized from eating weird objects.

Viral February 3, 2018

New York State Is Giving All Of Its Inmates Free Tablets

All 54,700 inmates in New York state will be receiving free tablets. One of the catches in the program is that they won’t be allowed to use to the internet on the tablets.

Viral February 2, 2018

Worker Who Sent Hawaii Missile Alert Thought It Was A Real Attack

New information about the Hawaiian false missile alert has surfaced. The worker who sent out the alert thought that there was an imminent attack on the state.

Viral January 30, 2018

AI Being Used To Create Fake Celebrity Porn

A recent subreddit made a fake celebrity porn using AI to place their faces over existing porn videos. This raised a privacy concern since it can theoretically be done to anyone.

Viral January 28, 2018

Chinese Man Bites iPhone Replacement Battery And Causes It To Explode

A man in China decided to test if his replacement iPhone battery was real by biting it. The battery exploded after he bit, the whole thing was captured on CCTV cameras.

Viral January 24, 2018

Frozen Cheesesteak Company Steak-umm Gets Verified On Twitter

Steak-umm started a campaign to get Twitter verified back in August. In five months, the company was able to achieve its goal. The push was started by the company's social media manager and included tons of memes.

Viral January 17, 2018

Holiday Cheer: High School Kids Gift Student New Nintendo 3DS After His Was Stolen

A heartwarming moment is caught on camera as a group of high school students gift another student a Nintendo 3DS after his previous console was stolen.

Viral December 25, 2017

Man Trapped Inside ATM Sends Note For Help Through Receipt Slot

An Automated Teller Machine in Texas dispensed notes requesting for freedom to customers. A repairman was apparently trapped behind the machine until someone called police.

Viral July 14, 2017

Ohio Mom Gets Death Threats After Posting Fake Photo Of 'Pierced' Baby

An Ohio woman is being accused of bad parenting for posting a photo of her child on social media with a 'pierced' cheek. However, the mother claims that it was really meant to protest the practice of having children pierced.

Viral July 10, 2017

Sheep Delivers 'Half-Human' Lamb In South Africa

A sheep in a village in South Africa gave birth to a stillborn lamb that had human-like features. This led superstitious villagers to believe that the creature may have been 'sent by the devil.'

Viral June 23, 2017

A Woman Was Left Stranded By AirBnb Host Because Of Race: Is There Racial Bias Among AirBnb Hosts?

An Asian American woman and her companions were left stranded after their Airbnb host allegedly canceled their reservation with offensive text messages. Does Airbnb have a racial bias problem?

Viral April 9, 2017

LOOK: Tesla Driver Sacrifices Model S To Save Another Driver Having A Stroke

A Tesla vehicle owner in Germany risked thousands of euros worth of damage to his Model S to save another driver's life. Tesla CEO Elon Musk approves.

Viral February 17, 2017

Betsy DeVos' Education Department Apologizes For Misspelled Tweet With Another Error

The Education Department tweeted a quote highlighting the importance of education from the late W.E.B Du Bois. But things backfired when the tweet misspelled Du Bois as 'DeBois.'

Viral February 17, 2017

Congressman Booed In Town Hall After Dodging Question About Environment And Science

A Congressman is booed in his home state after dodging a young audience member's question about science and the environment. The audience reaction is just one of the boldest when it comes to the Trump administration's indifference to science.

Viral February 11, 2017

WATCH: 'Trumpagator' Sighting In South Carolina: Why This Alligator Looks Like A Cheeto

South Carolina has had its fair share of alligator sightings, but the peculiar orange-tinted gator definitely trumps previous encounters in Hanahan. Experts weigh in on why 'Trumpagator' is so tan.

Viral February 12, 2017

#DressLikeAWoman: Twitter Fires Back At Trump Pressure On Female Staff

The hashtag #DressLikeAWoman trended on Twitter after news broke out that President Donald Trump prefers women working for him to dress in a certain way. People took to Twitter to express their indignation over the alleged dress code.

Viral February 5, 2017

The NFL Gets Hilarious Bad Lip Reading Treatment Before Super Bowl LI [VIDEO]

Bad Lip Reading released its annual NFL video starring Tom Brady and other players in both the AFC and NFC in celebration of Super Bowl LI.

Viral February 2, 2017

Watch Winnie The Pooh Dance In This Freakishly Entertaining Viral Video

A creepy 3D Winnie the Pooh dancing is taking Twitter by storm with memes and remix videos.

Viral February 1, 2017

Justin Trudeau PMO Slams Fox News Over False Tweet On Quebec Mosque Shooting

Fox News has deleted a tweet that said the Quebec mosque shooter was of Moroccan origin. This comes after the network was admonished by a staff of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau over Twitter.

Viral February 1, 2017

LOOK: Zoos Engage in Intense Twitter 'Cute Animal Tweet Off'

The National Zoo triggered an intense Twitter battle that had many people hooked. Various zoos across the country as well as abroad sent in their submissions for the #CuteAnimalTweetOff

Viral January 29, 2017

Sir Ian McKellen's Sign At Women's March Sums Up Message Of Protest In Trump Era

Sir Ian McKellen attends the Women’s March in London and waves around a very appropriate photo of actor and dear friend Sir Patrick Stewart.

Viral January 22, 2017

WATCH: This Huge Alligator Roaming A Florida Reserve Is Real

A video of a massive alligator strolling through a Florida reserve is circulating on the internet, and experts confirm that the footage is real. The once endangered giant is endangered no more.

Viral January 22, 2017

'Will And Grace' NBC Revival Official Following Viral YouTube Video Reunion

Classic sitcom ‘Will And Grace’ will officially return with brand new episodes. The show’s revival was set in motion by a viral reunion video released on YouTube last September.

Viral January 19, 2017

WATCH: Diver Mathieu Villegas Captures The Icy Depths Of A Frozen Lake With His GoPro

An eerily beautiful GoPro video of diver Mathieu Villegas has stirred a mix of reactions on the internet. Watch the freediver explore the underwater world of a frozen lake in Quebec, Canada.

Viral January 7, 2017

WATCH: Astronauts Taking On Mannequin Challenge In Space Is Pure Genius

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station demonstrate their ingenuity by posting an unbeatable (and literally out of this world) version of the Mannequin Challenge.

Viral December 30, 2016

Bad Eggs: Are These Hatchimals Cursing Their Owners? [VIDEOS]

Hatchimal is one of the best-selling toys this Christmas. Some customers have reported that the Hatchimal toys they bought are saying cuss words, and videos of the owners' experience have become viral.

Viral December 29, 2016

Thousands Attend Mexican Girl’s Birthday Party After Her Dad’s Video Invitation Goes Viral

A girl's 15th birthday party became a viral Facebook event, after a video was posted publicly. In it, Rubi Ibarra Garcia's father cordially invited 'everyone' to his daughter's quinceañera.

Viral December 27, 2016

Post-Holiday Shoppers Run For Help: Fighting Breaks Out In Malls Across US

A day after Christmas, several fights among juveniles broke out in malls all across the U.S. Several malls closed down and were evacuated after police were called in to settle the disturbances.

Viral December 27, 2016

WATCH: George Michael Rides With James Corden In An Early Version Of 'Carpool Karaoke'

TV funnyman James Corden pays tribute to his late friend George Michael on Twitter. Michael was a guest on a comedy sketch with Corden for the British charity Comic Relief, which ended up being an inspiration for Carpool Karaoke.

Viral December 27, 2016

Georgia Couple Delivers Naturally Conceived Quadruplets

Justin and Kortney Miller, an Atlanta couple, welcomed their naturally conceived quadruplets on Dec. 16. The three baby boys and a baby girl who created history at birth are born of cesarean section delivery.

Viral December 24, 2016

WATCH: The Best Of Carpool Karaoke 2016

Award-winning host James Corden takes to the streets with some of the most popular artists and celebrities in his segment 'Carpool Karaoke.' Watch some of the best videos from 2016.

Viral December 25, 2016

Alabama Auto Parts Supplier Fined $2.5 Million Fine After Woman Was Crushed To Death By Robotic Machine

Ajin USA and two other staffing agencies are facing $2.5 million in fines for the horrific death of a 20 year old girl Regina Elsea. The companies are also facing 27 safety citations after the painful demise of the bride-to-be.

Viral December 17, 2016

WATCH: Man Punches Kangaroo To Save His Dog [Video]

Internet users were outraged after a video of a zookeeper punching a kangaroo in the face suddenly went viral. The man on the clip said that he was just trying to save his dog from the wild animal.

Viral December 8, 2016

'Cards Against Humanity' Received Over $100,000 In Donations To Celebrate Black Friday By Digging A Huge Hole

For this year's Black Friday stunt, the people behind 'Cards Against Humanity' decided to dig a hole. There is no point to the massive hole, but people still sent in over $100,000 donations for the digging.

Viral November 28, 2016

Beans, Greens, Tomatoes, Potatoes: Shirley Caesar’s Viral ‘U Name It’ Dance Challenge To ‘Hold My Mule’ Rakes In The Lettuce [Video]

A new viral video dance craze is sweeping the nation. The movement features web posters showing off their moves to a food centric dance remix of gospel singer Shirley Caesar’s ‘Hold My Mule.’

Viral November 29, 2016

Baba Vanga Predictions: The New Nostradamus? Read Her Uncanny Prophecies On Trump, Islamic State, Obama And End Of The World

Predictions of a blind prophet born in Bulgaria are taking over the internet. The old lady had, allegedly, predicted the last president of the U.S.

Viral November 15, 2016

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