Electrical Fire Lights Up New York Sky With Eerie Blue Glow

A transformer explosion at a Con Edison substation lit up the New York sky with a strange blue light. Social media users took to Twitter to post videos of the event, suggesting it could be an alien invasion.

Viral December 29, 2018

Glitter Bomb Inventor Admits Video Showed Fake Thieves, Apologizes For 'Misleading' Clip

Mark Rober, the guy behind the glitter bomb that splashes glitters and farts on porch thieves, aired his apology for staged reactions on his video. Apparently, two of the robbers knew the person who volunteered to help the ex-NASA engineer.

Viral December 23, 2018

Former NASA Engineer Mark Rober Designs Glitter Bomb That Farts On Amazon Package Thieves

Ex-NASA engineer Mark Rober took six months to create the glitter bomb. The amusing booby trap is his way to take revenge at 'porch pirates' who steal Amazon delivery packages right off peoples' doorstep.

Viral December 18, 2018

California Teen Helps Blind And Deaf Man Using Sign Language During Flight

Passengers on a flight from Boston to California witnessed how a 15-year-old girl assisted a blind and deaf passenger. The teen from California, who knew American Sign language, helped the passenger communicate with the flight attendants and more.

Viral June 27, 2018

Wild! Watch This Cat Cling To A Van Speeding 60 MPH On Nebraska Highway

A video of a terrified cat clinging to the roof of a minivan that's traveling nearly 60 mph on a Nebraska highway was posted on social media last week but has now gone viral. Watch the shocking clip below.

Viral May 26, 2018

Viral Audio Takes Over Internet And People Aren't Sure If They Hear 'Yanny' Or 'Laurel' In The Clip

A new clip surfaced online that people haven't been able to agree upon, if it's saying 'Yanny' or 'Laurel.' The internet is up in arms over who is right about this clip.

Viral May 16, 2018

Crane Protects Family From Alligator On A Florida Golf Course, Brave Bird Escorts The Alligator Away

A crane was filmed protecting its family by scaring an alligator away on a Florida golf course. The video captures the tense moments of the crane keeping the alligator away.

Viral May 3, 2018

Neil deGrasse Tyson Complains About The Word 'Awesome' And Twitter Lets Him Have It

Neil deGrasse Tyson is usually beloved by the people but not on Friday the 13th. Twitter let him have it after he complained about the usage of the word 'awesome.'

Viral April 15, 2018

Teen Marks 18th Birthday With $1,000-A-Week Prize In Lottery

An 18-year-old Quebec woman won the grand prize in one of Loto-Québec’s games in time for her birthday. The winner will receive a CAD 1,000 weekly payment for 40 years or double the amount of the lump sum.

Viral March 29, 2018

Starbucks Launches Crystal Ball Frappuccino: What's In This Limited-Edition Drink?

Following the success of its color-changing Unicorn Frappuccino, Starbucks made another colorful beverage. Meet the Crystal Ball Drink which foretells luck, adventure, and magical moments.

Viral March 24, 2018

US Navy Using Xbox 360 Controller To Operate New Attack Submarine

In an effort to cut costs, the U.S. Navy will be using old technology to operate its new attack submarine. It will be using an Xbox 360 controller to partially operate the new vessel.

Viral March 20, 2018

Twitter Sleuth Enlists Smithsonian To Solve Mystery Of Lone Black Woman Scientist In Old Photograph

Last week, Twitter went to work to find the identity of a single black woman scientist from a mysterious photograph from the 1970s. After days of going through various materials, the mystery of her identity was solved.

Viral March 19, 2018

30 Years Later: Rapist Caught By DNA Test After Peeing Into Neighbor’s Potted Plant

A man was caught and found guilty of rape over 30 years later after getting arrested for something unrelated to the crime he committed. He urinated into his neighbor's plant, which led to his arrest and the revealing DNA test.

Viral March 20, 2018

Facebook Search Bar's Autocomplete Results Isn't Safe For Work

Several Facebook users posted their displeasure with the platform's search bar autocomplete results. According to reports, what comes up are words that are apparently offensive and not safe for work.

Viral March 16, 2018

Microsoft Finally Helps Teacher In Ghana Who Used Blackboard To Show Students How To Use A Computer

Microsoft has now sent some help to a teacher in Ghana so his students could learn how to use a computer. It has sent some much-needed machines to aid the teacher in educating students.

Viral March 15, 2018

Newly Released Video Reveals UFO Encounter In 2015 By US Navy Pilots

A rare video has surfaced online showing U.S. Navy pilots encountering a white object that looks like a UFO in the sky. Watch the video to see how the pilots react to their first encounter with a weird flying object.

Viral March 13, 2018

Bones Discovered Are Claimed To Be The Remains Of Amelia Earhart With 99 Percent Certainty

Remains that were previously said to be that of a male are now said to be the remains of Amelia Earhart. The remains were originally found in 1940.

Viral March 8, 2018

Turbulence Rocks Flight, Makes Almost Everyone On The Airplane Throw Up

Rough weather conditions caused a flight to hit a bumpy ride and the results weren't pretty. The pilot reported that everyone on the plane threw up due to the turbulence.

Viral March 4, 2018

Selfies Are Making More People Head To The Plastic Surgeon For Nose Jobs

A new study found that selfies can make noses 30 percent larger than they actually are. This is sending many people to the plastic surgeons in search of correcting their "large" noses.

Viral March 5, 2018

No Happy Meal: Police Kicks Homeless Man, Good Samaritan Out Of South Carolina McDonald's

After doing a kind deed, Yossi Gallo encountered the unexpected. Together with the homeless man whom he shared a meal with, he was kicked out from a McDonald's at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Viral March 2, 2018

Drunk Man Takes $1,600 Uber Trip From West Virginia To New Jersey

People are not supposed to drink and drive. Now they're apparently not supposed to drink and Uber either. A drunk man's Uber trip ended up costing him $1,600.

Viral March 2, 2018

Teacher In Ghana Shows Students How To Use Microsoft Word On Blackboard, Microsoft Steps In To Help

A teacher in Ghana was using a blackboard to teach students a key part of their curriculum — learning to use Microsoft Word. Photos of him teaching his students went viral.

Viral March 2, 2018

Bill Gates Says That Cryptocurrencies Are A Cause Of Death

While answering questions for a Reddit AMA, Bill Gates was asked about cryptocurrencies, and his answer was surprising. Bill Gates mentioned many criticisms of cryptocurrencies and said that they are a cause of death.

Viral March 2, 2018

Instagram Post Featuring Threatening Message And Picture Of A Lego Assault Rifle Leads To Arrest

An image was posted on Instagram featuring a Lego assault rifle along with a threatening message on Tuesday. The post led to an arrest the next day.

Viral March 1, 2018

People Who Hate Body Odor Are More Likely To Lean To The Right Politically

Scientists have found that there is a connection between people hating body odor and having conservative political beliefs. They also found that people who most negatively reacted to smells also supported Donald Trump.

Viral March 2, 2018

Facebook Censors 30,000-Year-Old Statue Venus Of Willendorf Calling It Pornographic

Censors at Facebook have determined that a 30,000-year-old statue that doesn't even show nipples is pornographic. A post featuring the Venus of Willendorf was removed even after appeals.

Viral February 28, 2018

Chinese Man Going Through Heart Attack Gets Help By Throwing Money

A man in China trying to address a heart attack fell to the ground then threw a wad of cash to get attention. A policeman walking by helped the man, who was by then already bleeding from the nose.

Viral February 27, 2018

Boy In China Gets Stuck In Elevator After Peeing All Over Controls

Getting stuck in an elevator is terrifying, even worse when it's your own fault. A boy in China decided it was a good time to empty his bladder all over the controls of an elevator and succeeded in getting stuck.

Viral February 26, 2018

Teen Found Sleepwalking In School Causes Classes To Be Canceled

A sleepwalking teenager was found overnight in his school after contacting authorities. Classes were canceled the next day for all students, thanks to the sleepwalker.

Viral February 23, 2018

14-Year-Old Indonesian Boy Claims To Have Laid Eggs Since 2015

A 14-year-old boy in Indonesia is baffling the medical community for laying multiple eggs for two years now. Doctors who have witnessed it have no idea what's happening.

Viral February 23, 2018

Farting Man Forces International Flight To Make Emergency Landing

A man aboard a flight from Dubai to Amsterdam last week forced a plane to make an emergency landing after he would not stop farting. The farting was so bad that a fight broke out on the plane.

Viral February 20, 2018

Woman Placed On Leave After Video Of Her Screaming At A Flight Attendant Goes Viral

A New York State employee aboard a Delta flight berated a flight attendant and threatened to have her fired. A video of the incident went viral, and the passenger is now on leave 'until further notice.'

Viral February 20, 2018

Social Media Brings Us Inside Parkland, Florida Shooting

Students at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida took their smartphones out and showed a glimpse of the ordeal and panic inside the school during the shooting. They were trapped as the suspect entered the school.

Viral February 15, 2018

Brazilian Gang Holds Medical Staff Hostage To Vaccinate Poor Neighborhood Against Yellow Fever

A Brazilian gang helped out a neighborhood by taking into hostage two medical professionals. The gang forced the staff to vaccinate the entire neighborhood against yellow fever.

Viral February 15, 2018

Flying Car Test Goes Wrong; Car Crashes Shortly After Take-Off

A test for the SkyRunner flying car went wrong after it crashed into a building just moments after take-off. No one died during the crash.

Viral February 15, 2018

Nokia Still Working After Being Thrown Through Police Car Window

A Nokia phone was thrown at a police car in England and managed to remain undamaged. The phone also did no harm to the police car.

Viral February 12, 2018

Xerox Engineers Claim Drop in Chicago Crime Rate Due To Unclogged Printers

Xerox engineers are taking credit for a drop in the crime rate in Chicago during the mid '90s. By reducing paper jams in printers, lawyers' work became more efficient.

Viral February 12, 2018

Mom Gives Daughter Marijuana Gummies To Reduce Anxiety, Says Report

Sylvia A. Rubio, a 38-year-old from Radium Springs, New Mexico, gave her 13-year-old daughter marijuana gummies to help her reduce symptoms of anxiety. She was charged with child abuse and distributing marijuana to a minor.

Viral February 11, 2018

Elon Musk Says He Found Loophole To Ship Flamethrowers

Elon Musk created a flamethrower and began selling it through his website. Now that it’s sold out he’s run into problems, customs agencies don’t want to ship the product.

Viral February 7, 2018

Amazon Pulls Hair Dryer After It's Discovered To Shoot Fire

A woman found that the hair dryer she bought from Amazon may have been a little too hot. Instead of blowing air to dry her hair, the hair dryer was blowing out a fire.

Viral February 6, 2018

Nurse Rants About The Flu In Epic Viral Video: ‘Wash Your Stinking Hands’

A nurse from Florida has taken to Facebook to express her frustrations about people who aren’t taking the necessary precautions to stop the spread of flu. Her sass has drawn both the ire and praise of various audiences.

Viral February 4, 2018

Teenager Suffers From Lead Poisoning After Eating Pens And Pencils

A 14-year-old from New York has been hospitalized from lead poisoning after eating pens and pencils. This isn't the first time the teenager has been hospitalized from eating weird objects.

Viral February 3, 2018

New York State Is Giving All Of Its Inmates Free Tablets

All 54,700 inmates in New York state will be receiving free tablets. One of the catches in the program is that they won’t be allowed to use to the internet on the tablets.

Viral February 2, 2018

Worker Who Sent Hawaii Missile Alert Thought It Was A Real Attack

New information about the Hawaiian false missile alert has surfaced. The worker who sent out the alert thought that there was an imminent attack on the state.

Viral January 30, 2018

AI Being Used To Create Fake Celebrity Porn

A recent subreddit made a fake celebrity porn using AI to place their faces over existing porn videos. This raised a privacy concern since it can theoretically be done to anyone.

Viral January 28, 2018

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