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Fitbit Charge 2 Update Ups The Fitness-Tracking Game: Workout Pause Feature, Guided Breathing, And More

Fitbit has rolled out a new update for Charge 2 that adds functionalities aplenty, some of which users have long pined for. The update is part of the Charge 2’s latest firmware, which is available now.

Wearable Tech December 22, 2016

Wearables Market Losing Steam: Devices Too Pricey, Not Enough Utility To Warrant Purchase?

Projected growth of wearable devices plummeted from 60 percent year-over-year to 25 percent this year. Researchers singled out smartwatches as the devices suffering anemic sales performance due to redundant features and expensive prices.

Wearable Tech December 22, 2016

Certified Refurbished Apple Watch Series 1 And 2 Now Available Via Apple's Online Store: Prices Start At $229

Certified refurbished Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 are now up for grabs online, with prices starting at $229 and topping out at $509.

Wearable Tech December 20, 2016

Where To Buy Apple AirPods: Check Your Local Store Via Apple's In-Store Pickup Tool, Verizon, And Best Buy

Apple has now enabled an in-store pickup tool on its online store for people to easily purchase the AirPods from the nearest Apple retail store. Verizon and Best Buy are also alternative retailers to get the wireless Siri-enabled cans from.

Wearable Tech December 21, 2016

Samsung Gear S3, Gear S2 Get Dedicated Spotify App: No Offline Playback Support Though

Spotify has now gone live for Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S2 devices, though it didn’t come along with the said devices. The app can now be downloaded via the Gear Manager app.

Wearable Tech December 20, 2016

Honda Gives Pediatric Patients A VR Holiday Experience With Oculus Headsets

Honda teamed up with Oculus Rift to transport pediatric patients to a Christmas village. The activity is part of the automaker's drive to spread joy, especially among children who cannot come home or spend time outside for the holidays.

Wearable Tech December 20, 2016

Oculus Makes Samsung Gear VR More Social With Parties And Rooms For Virtual Hangouts

Oculus has just made the Samsung Gear VR experience more social, adding Parties and Rooms for virtual hangouts. Parties brings voice calls into the mix, while Rooms allows users to meet up in VR and do stuff together.

Wearable Tech December 19, 2016

How To Pair Your AirPods With Your Apple, Android And Windows Device

After three months of delay, Apple's AirPods finally went on sale. The device pairs seamlessly with other Apple products, and can also be paired with non-Apple devices.

Wearable Tech December 18, 2016

The 5 Best Oculus Rift Games: 'Minecraft,' 'Eve: Valkyrie,' And More

Oculus Rift was only released this year so the games available to the platform is still not as comprehensive. However, the VR platform already boasts of great contents, covering different game genres.

Wearable Tech December 18, 2016

Star Wars Wearable Tech: 4 Coolest Real-Life Wearables Inspired By A Galaxy Far, Far Away

The popularity of wearables has risen in the past years. But these awesome Star Wars-themed gadgets are simply out of this galaxy.

Wearable Tech December 18, 2016

New Samsung Gear VR And AR Headset Similar To Microsoft HoloLens In The Works

Samsung is working on two new devices, one for virtual reality and another for augmented reality. The former is poised to succeed its present-day VR headset Gear VR, while the latter is supposedly able to project realistic holograms.

Wearable Tech December 17, 2016

Magic Leap Is 'Full Steam Ahead' With The Launch Of Mixed Reality Device Magic Leap One: Report

Magic Leap has come up with a name for its product: Magic Leap One. The company also hired a new Chief Marketing Officer after two executives resigned.

Wearable Tech December 17, 2016

Fitbit To Continue Pebble Smartwatch Services Through 2017: No Need To Panic About Your Wearable Getting Bricked

Fitbit has announced that it will only support Pebble devices for the rest of next year. Pebble owners would have to turn to third-party developers and the Pebble community to keep the device going beyond that timeline.

Wearable Tech December 15, 2016

Facer 3.0 Goes Official, Expands Support For Tizen And Android Wear: Samsung Gear S3, Asus ZenWatch 3, And More

Facer's latest update introduces support for the Tizen OS as well as the latest Android Wear devices. It also includes new features for smartwatch owners, and advanced tools that can be used by watch face designers.

Wearable Tech December 15, 2016

Oculus CEO Bows Out To Lead New PC VR Division, Leaves Top Spot Open

Oculus has created two new divisions, one focused on PC and one on mobile. Brendan Iribe, Oculus’ chief executive, will lead the PC division, vacating his CEO duties for Oculus.

Wearable Tech December 13, 2016

Can't Wait For Apple AirPods? Here Are The Best Bluetooth Headphones For Your iPhone 7 Or iPhone 7 Plus

Apple’s Siri-enabled AirPods have been reported to be embroiled in a number of manufacturing challenges. But there’s no need to wait for them to come out given these excellent, possibility even better, alternatives.

Wearable Tech December 11, 2016

Michael Kors Access Bradshaw Smartwatch Now For Sale Via Google Store

The Michael Kors Access Bradshaw smartwatch recently took the Huawei Watch's position at the Google Store. The move could be belated as Bradshaw was launched in September, but Android Wear fans will find it appealing for a number of reasons.

Wearable Tech December 10, 2016

Bridge Is The iPhone VR Headset Apple Fans Have Been Dying To See

The iPhone may be shaping up to be the next VR heavyweight with the help of the Bridge, a VR headset made by software startup Occipital. The Bridge employs infrared scanning to enable a full-room VR experience.

Wearable Tech December 10, 2016

Google, Samsung, HTC, Oculus And Others Band Together To Form Global VR Association

Virtual Reality heavyweights Google, HTC, Oculus, Samsung, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Acer have formed a nonprofit VR organization called the Global Virtual Reality Association. The GVRA is tasked to promote the development and adoption of VR globally, among other things.

Wearable Tech December 10, 2016

Magic Leap CEO Refutes Reports That Claim The AR Startup 'Oversold' Its Headset

In light of reports that Magic Leap 'oversold' its technology and is running into problems making it a reality, CEO Rony Abovitz has reacted to the claims, saying that 'mini-production test runs' have started.

Wearable Tech December 9, 2016

Apple's AirPods Delay Reportedly Due To Manufacturing Problems: No Wireless Earbuds For Your iPhone This Holiday

According to new reports, Apple’s Siri-enabled wireless earphones, the AirPods, are being delayed due to problems with Bluetooth technology. However, a person close to sources familiar with the situation has said that this isn’t the case.

Wearable Tech December 9, 2016

Huawei Watch Gets Pulled From Google Store: Android Wear Options Waning

Google has pulled the Huawei Watch from its online store, leaving merely five smartwatches on the company’s online store able to run the operating system. Does this represent a bigger, more general problem for smartwatches?

Wearable Tech December 9, 2016

Magic Leap Lags Behind Competition: Innovative AR Technology Far From Becoming A Reality

Magic Leap is struggling to fulfill its original vision for an innovative augmented reality technology, as reported by The Information. Magic Leap has allegedly shifted to a new technology since its patented fiber-optic technology is hitting a few snags.

Wearable Tech December 9, 2016

Google Expands Daydream VR Games And Apps: 'Gunjack 2: End Of Shift,' 'Need For Speed VR,' HBO Now And More

More apps are headed for Google’s virtual reality platform, Daydream VR. 'Gunjack 2: End of Shift,' 'Need for Speed,' and 'Wands' are just some of the mobile VR experiences added in Daydream’s expanding roster of applications.

Wearable Tech December 9, 2016

Pebble Is No More: Here Are Some Smartwatch Alternatives To Consider Instead

Now that Fitbit has bought Pebble, highly acclaimed Pebble smartwatches will no longer crowd the flimsy smartwatch market. Here are a few worthy smartwatch alternatives in light of Pebble’s eventual pullout.

Wearable Tech December 7, 2016

New Samsung Gear S3 Bands From Strap Studio, SLG Design Give You More Options To Personalize Your Smartwatch

Samsung Gear S3 classic and frontier are getting more bands courtesy of Strap Studio and SLG Design. Thanks to them, you now have more options to personalize your smartwatch.

Wearable Tech December 7, 2016

Samsung Gear S2 Receives Gear S3 Features Via Latest Update

Samsung has refreshed the Gear S2 with an array of new features first seen in the Gear S3. The refresh is expected to make the device a viable alternative for those who might be turned off by the Gear S3's size.

Wearable Tech December 6, 2016

Apple Watch Goes Down As Fitbit Tops Q3 Wearable Market, IDC Says

Fitbit has maintained its dominance of the wearable devices market. The same, however, cannot be said about the market share of the Apple Watch, which posted a 71 percent year-over-year decline.

Wearable Tech December 6, 2016

Oculus Touch Review Roundup: Do The VR Motion Controllers Finally Complete The Rift?

The Touch motion-sensing controller for Oculus Rift is now out. The bulk of the reviews coming out of the press is saying that it is completing the entire VR experience and here is why.

Wearable Tech December 5, 2016

Can VR Help People Conquer Their Fear Of Heights And Public Speaking? Samsung Thinks So

Samsung is introducing its Gear VR device in Canada as a tool to cure certain afflictions. The company offers VR modules that can be experienced for several weeks and claims that the VR therapy program has enjoyed success in Europe, Russia and the UAE.

Wearable Tech December 5, 2016

Here's How To Order Snapchat Spectacles Prescription Lenses

Prescription lenses are now available for Snap Inc.’s Spectacles thanks to New York-based lens maker Rochester Optical. The prescription lenses start from $99 to $199.

Wearable Tech December 3, 2016

Motorola Steps Back From Wearables For Now: Don't Hold Your Breath For A Moto 360 Successor

Motorola has pushed away plans for a new wearable product indefinitely, the company confirmed during a press event. There will be no successor to the Moto 360 for the time being, but things could still change for Motorola.

Wearable Tech December 1, 2016

Fitbit Is Buying Pebble For Up To $40 Million: What Will Happen Next For The Two Wearable Device Companies?

Fitbit is said to be buying struggling smartwatch maker Pebble for a price between $34 million and $40 million. What will come next for the two wearable device companies after the acquisition?

Wearable Tech December 1, 2016

LG Files Trademark Applications For Four New Smartwatches And Accelerates Work On LG Pay

LG has filed trademark applications for four smartwatches and a mobile payment system called Watch Pay. LG may launch the four wearables and the mobile payment solution along with the LG G6 in February 2017.

Wearable Tech November 30, 2016

Samsung Pay On The Gear S3 Compatible With Almost Every Android Phone Except Google Pixel

Samsung Pay now works on Android devices that are paired with the Galaxy Gear S3 and S3 Frontier through an update to the Gear Manager app. Google Pixel owners have discovered that they cannot install the update.

Wearable Tech November 29, 2016

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Gets Software Update: Auto Pause Feature, New Workout Tracking Options

The Samsung Gear Fit 2's new firmware update will significantly improve the wearable's precision and tracking smarts. These are complemented by new features that require less input from users, allowing uninterrupted workouts.

Wearable Tech November 25, 2016

No, You Don't Need A PC Powerhouse To Use Microsoft's $300 Windows 10 VR Headsets: Minimum System Requirements Revealed

Microsoft's Windows 10 VR headsets and platform won't need a high-end PC to work, and according to the minimum system requirements, you only need a midrange computer.

Wearable Tech November 22, 2016

Google's Smart Autofocusing Contact Lens Delayed: Tests Pushed Back Beyond 2016

Novartis and Alphabet's smart contact lenses aren't set for human clinical trials in 2016, as previously promised. A spokesperson has explained that both companies are learning as the development progresses, promising to provide updates in the future.

Wearable Tech November 21, 2016

[UPDATED] Intel To Discontinue Wearable Efforts As Report Of Layoffs In New Devices Group Surfaces

Intel's wearable ambition sustained a major setback with the phaseout of its Basis product line. The company has already notified affected employees that they will have to go by the end of the year.

Wearable Tech November 20, 2016

Sony Xperia Ear To Be Released On Dec. 13 For $200 In The US

The Sony Xperia Ear, Sony's own hands-free virtual assistant entry will hit U.S. shelves Dec. 13 for $199. It's a tiny voice-enabled device that can perform tasks such as sending messages, helping with directions, looking for information and more.

Wearable Tech November 19, 2016

You Can Use Samsung Pay On The Gear S3 With Any Other Android Phone

Samsung confirmed that Samsung Pay, its proprietary mobile payment service, will work on the Gear S3 even when paired with non-Samsung smartphones. For this, you need to have an Android phone running Android 4.4. Kitkat or higher.

Wearable Tech November 19, 2016

Snapchat Spectacles: How To Buy And Where You'll Find Them

As the frenzy for Snapchat Spectacles grows, we give you some tips on where and how to snag the video-recording sunglasses which are limited in supply. The $129.99 sunglasses are being sold officially only through the Snapbot and not online or in physical stores.

Wearable Tech November 16, 2016

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier To Be Available Via AT&T And T-Mobile: Which Carrier Should You Buy The Smartwatch From?

The Samsung Gear S3 frontier is going to be available at AT&T and T-Mobile, but the question is, which carrier should you get the smartwatch from?

Wearable Tech November 16, 2016

Samsung Gear S3 Gets Official Teardown Treatment: Here's What The Innards Of The Upcoming Wearable Look Like

Samsung has uploaded an exhaustive teardown of its upcoming Tizen-based smartwatch. The Samsung Gear S3 hits shelves Nov. 18 with a retail price of $349 for the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth model.

Wearable Tech November 15, 2016

MIT's MoVR Lets HTC Vive, Oculus Rift VR Headsets Go Wireless Via Millimeter Waves

MIT has developed a system that enables wireless connection for virtual reality headsets. Named the MoVR system, it uses high-frequency radio signals called millimeter waves, pushing out data to the VR headset at speeds in the Gbps range.

Wearable Tech November 15, 2016

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