Experiencing Stuttering And FPS Drop Issues On Windows 10? Don’t Worry, Microsoft Is Working On A Fix

Several Windows 10 users running the Creators update have been experiencing some performance issues, specifically stuttering and framerate drops. Such complaints appeared as early as April, with gamers reporting framerate issues on titles such as Overwatch, Rocket League, and many others.

Luckily, Microsoft has finally gotten wind of the reports and can now confirm that it's currently working fixes, which presumably will be implemented once the Fall Creators Updates rolls around.

We're Trying To Fix Stuttering And Framerate Issues: Microsoft

As it turns out, there's a bug in Windows 10 Creators Update causing the drop in performance. For its part, Microsoft says it has discovered "several different problem sources" that cause stuttering in some games and has apparently even fixed one of the issues.

What's odd is that the issues don't seem to stem from hardware limitations. In fact, no amount of hardware seems to solve stuttering and framerate drops. For instance, a user on the Nvidia GeForce forums claims of having issues even on his Intel X99 system with a Core i7-6800K processor and a GeForce GTX 1080 GPU. Perhaps the issue really stems from bad code deep within the operating system.

Other gamers have also chimed in, mentioning similar spec configurations yet reporting that issues still persist.

"We've been reviewing the traces and have identified an issue that we believe is the cause of stuttering in some of the cases that you've reported," a Microsoft engineer posted on the Microsoft Community pages. "We have a fix in the Windows Insider build that flighted to the 'Fast' ring this week (build 16273 and above)."

Disabling Xbox Game DVR Is A Temporary Fix, But It Doesn't Work For Everyone

It's worth noting that some gamers have discovered that disabling the Xbox Game DVR option has fixed the issue for them, but it remains uncertain if this works for everyone. MS PowerUser speculates that it's unlikely for Microsoft to fix the issue with a cumulative update, meaning gamers would probably have to update to the Fall Creators Update entirely once it rolls out this October.

By then, hopefully, all the bugs will have been stomped. In the meantime, Fast Ring Windows Insiders can let out a sigh of relief and take a chance with the preview build via the Insiders Program.

Have you experienced stuttering and framerate drops on your Windows 10 machine? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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