In 2016, Microsoft shared its plans to release two yearly feature updates for its Windows 10 platform. However, at that juncture, the company was too busy with the Creators Update to elaborate on the details regarding these annual feature updates.

On Thursday, April 20, Microsoft finally disclosed more information about its planned updates. The Redmond-based company stated that it would launch two feature updates each year for Windows 10 and its Microsoft Office 365 programs. These updates would be released in March and September each year.

The next feature update for the platform — dubbed Redstone 3 — will be pushed out in September this year.

Microsoft's Yearly Updates For Windows 10 And Office 365 ProPlus

Microsoft asserts that Windows 10 is the quickest-adopted version of the operating system and is on over 400 million active devices. The adoption of the platform continues to grow as Windows 10 is one of the most secure versions of the OS.

Microsoft believes that setting a particular schedule for the updates' release would give more convenience to the users.

"We've also heard our customers want more predictability and simplicity from this update servicing model to help make deployments and updates of Microsoft products easier," noted Bernardo Caldas, general manager at Windows Commercial Marketing, in a blog post.

Previously, the Windows 10 platform benefited from two or three updates annually. However, in 2016, the platform only received one update — Windows 10 Anniversary — to the surprise of many users.

Microsoft also shared that the Windows 10 System Center Configuration Manager will be prepared to support the updates. The company not only promised two yearly updates for Windows 10, but also said that the same model would be followed for the Office 365 ProPlus programs.

Previously, Microsoft pushed out three feature updates for its Office 365. However, the company frequently upgraded smaller functionalities in the Office suite almost on a weekly basis.

The company also disclosed that it would extend the support time for Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus feature updates from 12 months to 18 months.

Any Major Overhauls?

For users at home, the feature updates are not likely to bring major overhauls and will probably just add minor fixes and security upgrades. It is also important to note that non-subscription users of the Office 365 applications will not receive the feature updates twice a year. Only customers having a subscription for Office 365 ProPlus will be able to utilize any new modifications introduced through these updates.

The updates will not impact the web versions of Office apps like Word Online, PowerPoint Online, and more.

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