These Flies Can Dive Underwater And Stay Dry: Here's How That's Possible

A new study uncovered the mystery of how Mono Lake's 'alkali flies' can stay dry after diving underwater. Here's how they do it.

Animals November 25, 2017

Dolly The Sheep Did Not Die Because She Was A Clone

A team of researchers studied cloned sheep's bones and found no signs of osteoarthritis, as was feared after Dolly's death. What makes Dolly such an important sheep?

Animals November 24, 2017

'Big Bird': Galapagos Study Shows New Bird Species Developed In Just Two Generations

The "Big Bird” finch species came about after a cactus finch from Española Island flew over to Daphne Major and mated with a local species. There are now 30 members of this new species on the island.

Animals November 24, 2017

Why Do Bowhead Whales Keep Returning To Cumberland Sound, Nunavut? To Exfoliate, Of Course

Bowhead whales don't go to Cumberland Sound, Nunavut, only to feed but also to rub against the rocks to help remove their dead skin. The curious behavior of the marine mammals has been confirmed by way of an incidental observation.

Animals November 23, 2017

Male Dolphins Give Gifts, Have Wingmen To Attract Potential Mates

Humpback male dolphins off the coast of Western Australia were observed giving gifts to females of the species. What present do these cetaceans offer to attract potential mates?

Animals November 22, 2017

Massive Skeleton Of Extinct Steller’s Sea Cow Found On Russian Beach

The 17-foot remains of a Steller's sea cow was found in a Russian beach. The now-extinct animal was hunted to extinction 27 years after it was discovered.

Animals November 22, 2017

Rapid Extinction Of Passenger Pigeon May Be Due to Lack Of Genetic Diversity

Evolutionary biologists found that passenger pigeons became extinct as a result of natural selections. The loss of genetic diversity did not allow them to adapt well to sparse groups when their number started to decline.

Animals November 17, 2017

Chronic Wasting Disease Threatens Deer Population: What You Should Know

The deer population in different parts of the United States is increasingly being affected by chronic wasting disease. Reports of infected deer have come in from Minnesota, Wyoming, and Montana, among other states.

Animals November 16, 2017

This Fungal Parasite Turns Ants Into Zombies: Here Are Other Mind-Controlling Parasites

The zombie ant fungus evidently keeps ant brains intact so it can complete its mission for the fungi. Here are other interesting albeit creepy mind-controlling parasites.

Animals November 12, 2017

Study Reveals What Influences Bug Diversity In Our Home

More species of bugs prefer to live in high-traffic, ground-level areas. The type of outdoor environment surrounding each household affects the diversity of bug species.

Animals November 12, 2017

Baby Monkey Crashes From Caffeine Overload After Stealing Tourist's Coffee

A 6-month-old baby monkey passed out after binge-drinking a strong brew coffee. The animal, treated in a veterinary hospital, has been released back to its troop.

Animals November 11, 2017

Giant Coconut Crab Attacks And Eats Sleeping Seabird

A video shows a giant coconut crab pinched and eventually ate a sleeping seabird. These crabs have a pinch force comparable to a lion's bite force.

Animals November 11, 2017

Fungal Parasite Turns Ants To Zombies But Leaves Their Brains Intact

The 'zombie ant fungus' can infect ants and control their behavior, but it does all of this without infecting their brains, a new study finds. Here's how researchers came to this conclusion.

Animals November 11, 2017

St. Louis Zoo Elephant Treated For Tuberculosis

Ellie, a 46-year-old elephant living in St. Louis Zoo, is undergoing treatment for tuberculosis. Zoo officials claim the elephant will not have any complications following treatment.

Animals November 11, 2017

Wolf-Sized Prehistoric Otter Could Have Been Predator With Powerful Bite

Researchers find that a wolf-sized ancient otter could have been a powerful predator. The creatures' jaw strength is six times stronger than the researchers expected for its size.

Animals November 10, 2017

Here's What Could Have Happened If Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Hit Earth Somewhere Else

Dinosaurs may not have met their doom if the Chicxulub asteroid had struck another part of Earth 66 million years ago. A study has suggested that it was a 1-in-10 chance that the asteroid hit an extremely unlucky spot on the planet.

Animals November 10, 2017

Animals Came Out Of The Dark When Dinosaurs Went Extinct

A new study reveals that a number of animals increased their daytime activity as dinosaurs faced extinction. Over the course of several million years, more mammals gave up their nocturnal existence and developed their visual acuity and color perception.

Animals November 7, 2017

New Orangutan Species Faces Potential Extinction: Here's How Humans Can Save It

A new species of orangutan, called the Pongo tapanuliensis, which has been recently discovered, is already being deemed as endangered. The threatened species can be saved only with a guided conservation plan.

Animals November 7, 2017

T-Rex's Short Arms Could Have Been Used For 'Vicious' Slashing

What was the real purpose for the T-Rex's distinctive short forearms? A paleontologist believes that more than just being a remnant of evolution, the forearms were likely used to viciously slash the T-Rex's victims.

Animals November 5, 2017

Animals Are Evolving Because Of Human Cities: Study

Research finds that urbanization has forced some creatures to evolve rapidly and adapt to their new environment. The results of the study serve as a wake-up call for more responsible urban development.

Animals November 5, 2017

Lefty Or Righty? Research Finds Bees Also Have Flight Preferences

Researchers found that bees could prefer the left or right side. When faced with equal-sized tunnels, 45 percent of the bees displayed individual preferences.

Animals November 4, 2017

New Species Of Orangutan Discovered In Indonesia Could Be Rarest Great Ape

The Tapanuli orangutan was identified as a new species and is the latest addition to the family of great apes. Unfortunately, it will be included in the list of critically endangered species because of its population and the threats it faces.

Animals November 3, 2017

Kleptopredation: Sea Slugs Use Opportunistic Strategy Of Catching Prey In The Deep Sea

Colorful sea slugs known as nudibranch were more likely to attack hydroids that have just eaten plankton. Sea slugs then consume both its prey and those the prey has captured in this opportunistic feeding strategy.

Animals November 2, 2017

Amelia Earhart Mystery: Giant Coconut Crabs May Have Carted Off Remains Of Lost Pilot

Amelia Earhart disappeared while attempting to circumnavigate the globe in 1937. One theory proposes that her remains were carted off and eaten by the world’s biggest land-dwelling arthropod: coconut crabs.

Animals November 14, 2017

Climate Change Is Causing Critically Endangered Lemurs To Starve

Researchers find that the greater bamboo lemurs of Madagascar resort to eating hard culm when the rain doesn't come and bamboo doesn't grow. Their habitats are also threatened by massive deforestation.

Animals October 29, 2017

Shrews Shrink Their Skull To Survive Winter: Study

Scientists have found that shrews shrink the size of their bodies and skulls during winter. A study implies that shrews go through this shrinkage as a way of survival during winter.

Animals October 25, 2017

Most Complete Tyrannosaur Fossil Found In Utah

A nearly-complete dinosaur fossil believed to be that of a Tyrannosaur species has been unearthed. The discovery was made in the GSENM area in southwestern United States.

Animals October 24, 2017

Fear Of Spiders And Snakes Stems From Our Ancestors

Our ancestors coexisted with spiders and snakes for 40 to 60 million years. As a result, we evidently evolved an innate aversion to such creatures.

Animals October 22, 2017

This New Zealand Bird Gets Aggressive Toward Rivals That Are Better Singers

Tui are notoriously aggressive songbirds with loud voices. According to new research, their strong reaction to other birds intensifies when they are capable of singing longer and more complex songs.

Animals October 21, 2017

Canadian Monster? New Eight-Legged Species Found Underneath Arctic Ice

A new 'monster' species was discovered in the waters of the Canadian Arctic. Such creatures are hard to find, but this discovery was actually unintentional.

Animals October 21, 2017

Death Of Pet Dog Literally Broke Texas Woman's Heart

A woman was left literally 'broken-hearted' after her Yorkshire terrier died as a result of congestive heart failure. Joanie Simpson was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with 'Broken-heart syndrome'.

Animals October 20, 2017

Dogs Use Facial Expressions To Communicate With Humans

A new research finds that dogs' facial expressions are not mere involuntary reactions to stimulus. Their responses to human attention show possible deliberate attempts to communicate with humans.

Animals October 20, 2017

British Great Tits Are Evolving Longer Beaks Because Of Bird Feeders

The said British national pastime of bird feeding may have caused British tits to rapidly develop longer beaks. The birds with the longer beaks evidently visit automated bird feeders more often that those with shorter beaks.

Animals October 19, 2017

Population Of Flying Insects Drops By 75 Percent Over 27 Years

A new study shows that the population of flying insects in Germany’s nature reserves has dropped significantly by 75 percent over a period of 27 years. Scientists say the drop could place ecosystems in jeopardy.

Animals October 20, 2017

Scientists Document American Alligators Eating Sharks And Stingrays

A new study documented that American alligators are eating sharks and stingrays. This is the first scientific study indicating the widespread interaction of predators.

Animals October 19, 2017

Penguin Disaster In Antarctica: Two Chicks Survive From Colony Of 40,000

A catastrophic event in an Antarctica colony has left thousands of Adélie penguins dead with only two survivors. The disaster was caused by unusual environmental conditions.

Animals October 15, 2017

Captive Orcas Chew On Concrete And Steel Out Of Boredom And Anxiety

Researchers found that orcas in captivity incurred significant damage to their teeth from chewing on concrete and steel. The behavior is likely amplified by boredom and anxiety from captivity.

Animals October 13, 2017

Extremely Rare Or Non-Existent? World's Most Elusive Bird May Not Have Existed After All

The Liberian Greenbul is thought to be one of the world's most poorly known bird species. As it turns out, the Liberian Greenbul species does not exist as it may just be a variant of an already named species.

Animals October 8, 2017

Lake Vampire: Invasive Sea Lampreys Abundant In Lakes Superior And Erie

Populations of invasive sea lampreys continue to thrive in Lakes Erie and Superior. Authorities are continuous in their efforts to save the lakes and the $7 billion Great Lakes fishing industry.

Animals October 8, 2017

LOOK: This Stick Insect Thought To Be Extinct Still Exists

The Lord Howe Island stick insect was believed to be extinct for three decades after black rats eradicated their population. Rock climbers found them in another island and they are on their way to returning home.

Animals October 7, 2017

75 Percent Of World's Honey Contaminated With Bee-Harming Pesticide

Honey samples from all over the world were found to be contaminated with pesticide chemicals harmful to bee health. North American samples showed the highest contamination frequency.

Animals October 6, 2017

Whales And Dolphins Have Human-Like Societies Due To Big And Complex Brains

Cetaceans, which include whales and dolphins, have human-like societies. Scientists said that the social and cultural characteristics of these marine animals are due to having evolved big brains.

Animals October 17, 2017

Cambodian Farm Breeds Mutant Pigs With Double Muscles: PETA

PETA revealed that a farm in Cambodia breeds super-muscular pigs. What are the potential problems associated with producing these large and genetically altered animals to produce more meat?

Animals September 30, 2017

Mickey Mouse Will Go Nuts: This Giant Rat In Solomon Islands Cracks Coconuts

A new rat species has just been discovered in the Solomon Islands. The rodent, called Uromys vika, lives on trees, weighs four times as heavy as normal rats, and apparently likes nuts.

Animals September 27, 2017

The Diprotodon, The Largest Marsupial Ever, Used To Migrate Across Australia: Here's Why That Matters

The Diprotodon, the largest marsupial that ever lived with a weight of 3 tons, was discovered to be a migratory species. The findings were based on a fossilized tooth, which showed that the ancient animal consumed plants in different locations.

Animals September 27, 2017

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