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Intellivision Console Revived, Renews Retro Video Games Rivalry With Atari

A new Intellivision console is in development, setting up a modern-age rivalry with Atari and the upcoming Atari VCS. The new retro console will launch with 10 games and an emulator, with full details to be revealed on Oct. 1.

Video Games May 30, 2018

UFO Crash In China Explained: It Really Did Come From Space

A crashed UFO was found in a forest in China by a pair of power plant employees while on their way to work. The discovery prompted an immediate investigation, determining that the mysterious metallic object really did come from space.

Space May 30, 2018

Sony Days Of Play Sale Returns With Limited Edition Blue PlayStation 4 And Game Discounts

Sony announced the return of the Days of Play sale on June 8, in celebration of E3 2018. The sale will feature a limited edition blue PlayStation 4 and discounts to various PlayStation 4 hardware and software.

Video Games May 30, 2018

Fossilized Skull Of Half Mammal, Half Reptile May Rewrite History

Scientists found a fossilized skull of a reptile-like mammal underneath the foot of a dinosaur fossil in Utah. The discovery may rewrite ancient history, due to its implications on theories surrounding the supercontinent Pangaea.

Ancient May 30, 2018

Apple To Launch Triple-Lens Camera For iPhone In 2019, Analyst Says

Apple will launch a triple-lens camera iPhone next year, according to Deutsche Securities analyst Jialin Lu. Apple will further support augmented reality with the feature, which will be copied from the popular Huawei P20 Pro.

Apple May 29, 2018

PUBG Corp. Sues Epic Games Over 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' And 'Fortnite' Similarities: Why Just Now?

PUBG. Corp finally sued Epic Games, following the feud that started in September 2017 over similarities between 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' and 'Fortnite.' Gamers, however, are questioning the timing and validity of the copyright infringement lawsuit.

Video Games May 29, 2018

Time Travel Is Possible: Scientists Have Already Built A Time Machine, Actually

Time travel is already possible, and in fact, a time machine has already been built. There are no plutonium-powered DeLorean zooming through time though, and it may take a while before scientists are able to unlock time travel like that.

Material Science May 29, 2018

Google Pixel 3 Leak Finally Settles The Notch Rumors

There have been contradicting Google Pixel 3 rumors on whether or not the smartphone will have a notch on its display. The latest Pixel 3 leak, however, may finally shed light on the confusion.

Google May 29, 2018

France Made 1 Million Smokers Quit In 2017

The government of France helped 1 million smokers quit the life-threatening habit in 2017. The significant decline in smokers was attributed to a national anti-smoking campaign that included reimbursements for people moving to tobacco substitutes and cigarette price increases.

Public Health May 29, 2018

Active Shooter, A School Shooting Video Game, Faces Backlash For Obvious Reasons

'Active Shooter' functions as a school shooting simulator, drawing immense controversy after the series of school shootings this year. The game, which is facing massive backlash, is set to launch on Steam on June 6.

Video Games May 28, 2018

Sunscreen Tips For Summer: What SPF To Use, How Long Do Sunscreens Last, And More

Sunscreen is important to protect our skin from the harmful effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays. Here are the best sunscreen tips, including SPF levels, sunscreen effectiveness, safe sunscreen brands, and more.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 28, 2018

No Google Pixel 3 Notch Confirmed By Android P Beta?

Android P leaks reveal that the operating system will offer refined gesture controls. More importantly, the leaked images may hint that there will be no Google Pixel 3 notch, contrary to previous reports.

Google May 28, 2018

Mars Rocks In Ancient Lakes May Hold Proof Of Life

Mars rocks found near the sites of ancient lakes may hold proof that microbes on Mars once existed. Researchers have mapped out a field guide for future Mars missions, showing where to look for the fossils.

Space May 28, 2018

Doctor Claims He Can Cure Diseases Through Sound Files

A homeopathic doctor who practices in the Bay Area is selling eRemedies, which are sound files that he claims can cure diseases such as diarrhea, Ebola, and malaria. The doctor is now in danger of losing his medical license.

Medicine May 27, 2018

Microsoft Rolls Out First Xbox 360 Update In Over 2 Years

Microsoft rolled out the first Xbox 360 system update in over two years. The Xbox One backward compatibility feature may have made most gamers forget about the Xbox 360, but Microsoft is not yet willing to let go.

Video Games May 27, 2018

Pornhub Launches Free VPN Service: VPNHub Won't Be Just For Porn

Pornhub launched VPNHub, a free VPN service that will not only hide visits to the infamous website. Using VPNs is becoming more important, especially with the pending death of net neutrality.

Apps/Software May 26, 2018

PlayStation Classic Edition Coming Soon? Sony Still Thinking About It

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera said that there are internal discussions about a PlayStation Classic Edition. While the PlayStation retro console was not confirmed, the door remains open for it to one day become reality.

Video Games May 26, 2018

Antidepressants Linked To Weight Gain And Obesity, With Some Drugs Worse Than Others

Researchers have found that they may be a link between taking antidepressants and the health issues of weight gain and obesity. Some drugs were also found to be worse than others, leading to a higher risk of gaining weight.

Medicine May 26, 2018

HTC U12 Plus, But No HTC U12? HTC Explains The Name

The HTC U12+ is a very powerful Android smartphone but with a confusing name because there is no regular HTC U12. HTC explained why it used that name for the device, and now it all makes sense.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 25, 2018

'I Hate My Mom's Phone,' 2nd Grader Wrote In Heartbreaking Homework From School

'I hate my mom's phone,' wrote a second-grader in a homework from school that had students write about inventions that they did not like. The heartbreaking answer has gone viral, as smartphone addiction affects relationships between parents and their children.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 25, 2018

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