Samsung Galaxy Note 10
(Photo : Tham Yuan Yuan | Pixabay) A cheap Galaxy Note phone variant is coming. Apparently, a Galaxy Note 10 Lite will be released sometime later this year, though it’s not certain what corners are going to be cut to keep the price down.

Samsung will soon release a cheaper variant of the Galaxy Note 10, according to new rumors. It'll be called the Galaxy Note 10 Lite.

It's been previously rumored that the company was developing a new Galaxy Note handset, with speculation that it's likely going to be a budget-friendly version of Samsung's top-tier flagships.

SamMobile has received a number of details about the alleged device, such as the aforementioned name and a potential release date — the report surmises that since the phone carries the Galaxy Note 10 branding, it might come out in the coming months to qualify for this year's release cycle.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lineup

Samsung offers two versions of the Galaxy Note 10: a regular one, and the bigger Galaxy Note 10+. There are slight differences that warrant the higher price tag of the latter. Still, no one would probably consider the regular variant as affordable. After all, the Galaxy Note series is Samsung's bread and butter, so its sizable price point should come as no surprise.

Still, this strategy may be putting the phones out of reach of budget-conscious users, which is probably why Samsung will put out a variant for those who want Galaxy Note 10 features without splurging close to $1,000.

Samsung has apparently been developing model SM-N770F, purported to be the budget Galaxy Note 10 in question. SamMobile says the phone is launching in Europe and will be available in at least two color options — black and red.

Cut Features

There's no word yet on what exactly makes this device "budget," but it's expected some features will be cut to keep the price down. The S Pen, for instance, may not appear in this version. Other potential austerity measures include a smaller battery, a lower-resolution screen, and possibly fewer cameras. The question is how drastic Samsung can change the phone without removing the essential things that the Galaxy Note brand is popular for.

Samsung is no stranger to releasing budget version of its flagship phones. Aside from its very diverse lineup of mid-range handsets, it also has the Galaxy S10e, a lower-cost but still pretty good phone in the Galaxy S10 lineup. It doesn't have the fancier quirks of its bigger siblings, but its spec sheet is still impressive, especially for the price.

Do you think a budget version of the Galaxy Note 10 sounds like a good idea? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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