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(Photo : Luke Chesser | Unsplash) Twitter will filter out abusive or potentially spam direct messages, right after enabling the Hide Replies feature in two countries. The new update is coming to Android, iOS, and the web.

Twitter is rolling out a new feature that filters out potentially abusive Direct Messages, or DMs. The functionality is out to all users on Android, iOS, and the web.

This functionality was previously part of a test, and much like during that phase, it's not really hard to understand how it works. Say a message contains questionable language or is likely spam — Twitter will hide it in a folder called "additional messages." Users will only see those messages if they explicitly tap each one from the folder. That means they won't have to put up with DM harassers on the regular.

Twitter Cleans Up Abusive Direct Messages

This new update comes as part of broader efforts to clean up the amount of abuse on the service. These efforts include reply moderation, in which Twitter lets users hide replies they find abusive, toxic, or unpleasant. Granted, these new features will do little to stop offenders intent to harass people, but they at least give targets expanded control over intake of this kind of content.

Many years ago, a Twitter user was only allowed to send a Direct Message if they're following the recipient and the recipient was following them as well. Now, there's an option to keep Direct Messages open even to non-followers. Obviously, this gives the opportunity for ill-intent individuals to wreak havoc. The new feature is useful for people who want their DMs to remain open but don't want to be bombarded with abusive content.

Late To The Party

As TechCrunch notes, this feature arrives a bit late, given how offensive messages have become so common since the past several years, so much so that third-party developers have came up with their own filtering tools. There's one recently released plugin that detects and deletes pictures featuring male genitalia, for example.

Deleting Tweet Replies

As of now, Twitter still refuses to let users delete replies sent to them. On other major social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, the author of a post can delete replies and comments if they choose to. This is not possible on Twitter, something a lot of users have been rallying for the company to add. There's no telling when or even if Twitter will add this functionality, but this new DM filter, coupled with Hide Replies, should provide Twitter users a little bit more control over the content they see on the platform.

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