While it may seem like only yesterday you were getting in some serious martial arts/karate chopping time with your swooshin' Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers electronic gloves or engaging in some Netflix and straight-up chilling with Zordon and Alpha 5, the Americanized Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers franchise is almost old enough to rent a car.

As the 2017 MMPR reboot continues to get underway, giving a fresh take on the squad of spandex-wearing, galactic crime-fighting teens, other changes are in store for the franchise. Speaking of Netflix, the current live action tokusatsu-inspired Power Rangers series, now in the midst of its 22nd season on air, will be making the move from standard TV to Netflix (also in 2017, like its movie counterpart) just in time for its 24th season.

Don't start celebrating just yet: the Power Rangers making the jump from network cable to video stream aren't necessarily the ones you grew up with. This particular iteration of the franchise, the ninja-themed Power Rangers Shruiken, is set to be based on the Japanese Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, and will "[celebrate] traditional festival themes and [accent] the agile nature of its heroes."

Why will the show start to stream in 2017 instead of, say, 2016, for its 23rd year? Saban, which owns all Power Rangers merch and media, extended its contract with both Bandai America and Nickelodeon, the former which acts as Saban's American toy producer, and the later which broadcasts its current MMPR variant, Power Rangers Dino Charge. While it's certain that Netflix will be picking up the weight regarding airtime (or rather, stream-time), there is no news on whether Bandai America or its parent company, Bandai Namco, will still continue to take care of merchandising.

If you're feeling a bit nostalgic, check out the clip below for the show's original song, you mighty morphin' Power Ranger, you.


Via: The Mary Sue

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