The latest version of the Firefox browser (v42) came out on Nov. 3 and it brought important safety upgrades to the Web security controls and Private Browsing.

Tracking Protection in Private Browsing is a new and essential feature in Firefox 42. Its core functionality is to stop trackers that have the habit of monitoring your searches, spamming you with ads or discreetly monitoring your online behavior without consent. Purging ads makes browsing faster and allows anonymity that lets users feel more protected with Firefox.

Until the update, the feature only instated local privacy by discarding browser history and cookies when users closed the private window.

"With the release of Tracking Protection in Firefox Private Browsing we are leading the industry by giving you control over the data that third parties receive from you online," Nick Nguyen, vice president at Mozilla, states on the company's blog.

He also points out that none of the rival browsers (namely Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge) gives the same level of privacy. 

Another plus is that the new Firefox version comes with a simpler user interface. All the privacy and safety controls are packed in the Control Center.

Firefox Developer Edition contains Animation Tools, which are visual tools that help software creators have a better perspective of what they are doing.

Tabs with audio content get a visual mark in the desktop version of the upgraded browser. Mozilla tweaked the Login Manager and WebRTC, and the Internet browser now has a couple of new HTML5 and Developer tools.

Some consumers who use Mozilla Firefox 42 on Android tablets worry about inappropriate content that their children might stumble upon while browsing. Now parents can be at peace, as Mozilla added an all-age-suitable browsing mode to allow limitations on the browsing capacity. Firefox 42 also features an URL voice searching mode.

The full list of upgrades present in the Firefox 42 can be read on the official page.

Users of Mac, Linux, Android and Windows welcomed Mozilla's preoccupation with safe, anonymous Internet browsing.

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