Twitter has launched a new page aimed at helping users understand where the company stands on important political issues and the kinds of things that Twitter itself is engaging in politically, including donations and PAC involvement.

Twitter itself has become more of a political voice in the past year or so, hiring people like Colin Crowell, a former FCC staff member. Twitter also employs the likes of Katie Jacobs Stanton, a former Google and U.S. State Department employee.

"Because Twitter stands for open communication, we're pleased to unveil, our new site covering the most critical policy issues facing our users, as well as providing an unprecedented level of transparency into how and with whom we engage politically in the U.S.," said the social media network in a statement. "We hope to expand this feature to cover our global activities outside the U.S. soon."

From the new page, users can also visit the company's "Twitter for Good" page, which describes its involvement in social issues, as well as the "Safety Center," which is where users can learn about how to enjoy Twitter in a safe and responsible way.

According to the company's statement, Twitter will also be expanding its policy page to discuss Twitter's global political endeavors in the near future.

So, why implement the new policy page? Twitter says that the decision is intended to show that the company is devoted to transparency, including on a political level. Through the page, it discloses the work that its political action committee is doing in areas like Internet freedom, pushing for government surveillance reform, and pushing for patent law reform. This will include the company's work with Tom Wheeler, the FCC chairman, when it comes to net neutrality.

Twitter says that it plans on publicly posting a notice of all donations to political candidates within the next two days.

Of course, those who have questions about Twitter's political stance can also contact the company at @policy.

Via: TechCrunch

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