Apple is still the top ranking smartphone manufacturer based on a recent data released by comScore, a global media measurement and analytics company.

The data was based on key trends in the U.S. smartphone industry which covered the third quarter that ended in September. According to the released data, Apple, which has been recorded to have 43.6 percent of smartphone subscribers in the U.S., now ranks as the top Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the nation.  

The ranking result, which was based on a three-month average that ended in September, was compared side by side with the result that ended in June, also covering 3 months. Though Apple's percentage share dropped by 0.5 percent when compared to the data in June, it has managed to maintain its top position.

Next to Apple is Samsung which has 27.6 percent market share. LG (9.4 percent), Motorola (4.8 percent) and HTC (3.3 percent) round up the top five in the list with LG showing an increase of 1.1 percentage points from the data in June while Motorola and HTC showing a decrease of 0.1 percentage point.

The data also shows that during the three months which ended in September, there are 192.4 million people who now owned smartphones in the U.S.

Other rankings in the data include the "Smartphone Platform Market Share" and the "Top Smartphone Apps."

In the September ranking, the top spot was earned by Android which has 52.3 percent market share, an increase of 0.7 percent from the data in June. This means that iOS is not the most popular smartphone platform in the U.S. even though Apple turned out to be the leading phone OEM.

The second top spot goes to iOS with 43.6 percent market share, a fall of 0.5 percent. Microsoft (2.9 percent), BlackBerry (1.2 percent) and Symbian (0.1 percent) round up the top five in the data.

Among the five platforms, it was only Android which gained an increase of percentage from the previous ranking in June. Microsoft, BlackBerry and Symbian maintained their percentage data as it didn't show any change in September.

For the top smartphone app, it is Facebook which ended up in the top position with its 76.2 percent app audience. Facebook Messenger ranked third with 60.9 percent.

Here is the complete list of the top 15 smartphone apps for September 2015.

1. Facebook - 76.2 percent

2. YouTube - 61.0 percent

3. Facebook Messenger - 60.9 percent

4. Google Play - 52.2 percent

5. Google Search - 51.2 percent

6. Google Maps - 49.8 percent

7. Gmail - 42.8 percent

8. Pandora Radio - 42.6 percent

9. Instagram - 38.6 percent

10. Yahoo Stocks - 32.2 percent

11. Apple Music - 32.1 percent

12. Apple Maps - 29.3 percent

13. Amazon Mobile - 27.6 percent

14. Twitter - 25.2 percent

15. Google Drive - 24.4 percent  

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