Google's Nest Labs will soon unveil its first product after being acquired by the search company. The company is working on a new ecosystem that would connect home devices through apps.

The smart thermostat maker Nest recently announced a new home automation network protocol called the Thread. The Google-owned company is working with ARM Holdings, Samsung, and four other groups (Big Ass Fans, Silicon Labs, Freescale Semiconductor, and Yale Security).

The new protocol is a common network language that will enable smart appliances like the Nest and smoke alarms to communicate with each other. The Thread is designed for smart home devices that are connected to the Internet.

This is not exactly new as smoke alarms and the smart thermometers have been using the same protocol. Home-automation is the main goal of the Thread because the basic Wi-Fi network is currently limited.

The Thread will be a second network for direct communication between the devices. It will connect access control devices such as locks and doorknockers, safety/security gear, light switches, as well as, climate control devices.

The Thread initiative is lead by Nest Labs executive Chris Borross. He described the Thread to use the common IEEE 802.15.4 protocol. The Thread also runs on silicon radio chips and is cost-efficient.

The Thread Group is a new industry group, which was started by Nest Labs and its partners. The group is willing to accept new members who will apply before 2014 ends. With the Thread being an established group now, it will introduce a certification program for related products in 2015.

Google and Nest could be successful with this one because there are no existing protocols and certifications available yet. This is the first to standardize and bring home automation among smart devices. However, the likes of Intel and Qualcomm are believed to be working on a similar thing.

Google trying to build a new ecosystem of apps and products for the home is slowly becoming a reality. The $3.2 billion purchase of Nest seems to be a good decision for the search company.

Nest also said it recently partnered with Whirlpool Corp, Mercedes Benz, and light bulb manufacturer LIFX to integrate their products with the smoke alarms and thermostats. More companies are expected to join the bandwagon and the industry group but not Apple. The latter is working on its own similar network initially called as the Home Kit.

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