Google About Me Gives You More Control Over The Personal Information You Share With The World


It seems that Google is making an attempt in separating one more component of its Google+ social network system. Dubbed "About me," this feature functions as a place where you can put your personal data and change how you want others to see it.

​A few of the info you may incorporate on your "About me" ​page include education, work history, gender, birthday, occupation, work contact Info, personal contact info, places (where you currently live and places where you lived) or sites where you contribute web content.

​"Control what people see about you," reads the About me page. It also claims that "changes you make here show up across Google services like Drive, Photos, Google+ and others."

​From the looks of it, it seems that the page is not yet fully detached from Google+ as it still features "Circles." But just like Google Photos, which originally fastened to Google+ but eventually became a separate service given its remarkable success, it is anticipated that Google's "About me" will soon follow its footsteps.

​To access "About me," simply head over to It is possible that upon opening up the page, you will see some info already added. Note, however, that none of these details will be visible to the public unless you have your Google+ profile.​​
It is worth pointing out that you can individually set each item as private should you prefer to do so.

Interestingly, the page also provides a Privacy Checkup tool spotted at the bottom of the page, which allows you to be in charge of security settings. This is specifically beneficial if you're doubtful about your security settings on Google Photos, YouTube and other services.

​This is likewise advantageous for those who are concerned about what data Google has on users.

​Additionally, Google is working on an option which will allow you to view your info as an anonymous member of the public. However, this functionality is not yet live at the moment.​

​While the page already began rolling out, the company has yet to make a formal announcement.

Meanwhile, "About me" was first seen by Google Operating System, an unofficial Google-watching blog, which notes that Google is working on a replacement for Google+ profiles.

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