As he was depicted in the 1999 movie, "Pirates of Silicon Valley," and the others that came after it, Steve Wozniak, also known as Woz or the Woz, is a free soul. The Apple cofounder and the inventor of Apple's first ever working personal computer, which started a technological revolution - in case no one noticed -, once again reiterated this recently and expressed how he doesn't want to be trapped inside Apple's walled garden.

In the 2015 movie, titled "Steve Jobs," which details the life of the late Steve Jobs, there is a scene where Seth Rogen, who plays Woz, asked Magneto, I mean Michael Fassbender who portrays Steve Jobs, about what he does. The latter rebutted with how he plays the orchestra. While that was a wise and fitting answer, we do have to give credit to the guy who built the instruments.

As history tells us, Woz parted ways with Apple in 1985 and started a teaching career where he taught elementary students how to use computers. Now, almost three decades after he left Cupertino, Woz still expresses his distaste for Apple as a workplace.

"I don't like being in the Apple ecosystem. I don't like being trapped. I like being independent," Wozniak tells Fortune after stating that Apple's corporate decisions are still influenced by Steve Jobs and is evident in the "continued closed nature of Apple products." Woz went on further and noted that unlike other players in the market, Apple "generally lacks the interoperability" with other companies' products.

Speaking about the iPad, Wozniak revealed he prefers the bigger iPad model than the iPad mini. Moreover, the electronics engineer and computer programmer expressed that he prefers laptops, such as the MacBook, over the iPad because of the former's flexibility.

"[The] tablet has been limited for me," says Woz.

Indirectly, Woz contradicted current Apple CEO Tim Cook's statement on how the iPad is a"replacement for the notebook or desktop," which is ridiculous to begin with. Can it run Crysis, Mr. Cook?

Wozniak forgot to wear his Apple Watch during the interview.

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