Blizzard Reveals Rewards For 'World of Warcraft's 11th Anniversary


The 10th anniversary of anything is hard to follow up. A decade is such a huge milestone, one that most people hold in extremely high regards. The 11th anniversary, not so much - it just doesn't hold that same level of esteem as its predecessor.

With World of Warcraft, it's no different: compared to last year's nostalgia trip, the MMO's 11th Anniversary celebration is relatively tame. It's far more traditional than opening up classic raids or old battlegrounds - that being said, World of Warcraft's 11th Anniversary is something that anyone still playing the game should try and be a part of.

Let's be honest: most MMO anniversary gifts are pretty small, and World of Warcraft's 11th anniversary gifts don't exactly break the mold. For the most part, Blizzard's latest batch of gifts are limited-charge cosmetic items: upon logging in, players will find special wands with Murloc and Gnoll disguises waiting for them in their mailbox, along with a cosmetic version of Edwin Vancleef's armor and the legendary Thunderfury blade.

The pièce de résistance is an 11% experience boost - while it won't change the game for most players, it's still a sizeable buff for anyone still making their way towards Level 100.

True, World of Warcraft's 11th Anniversary celebration doesn't change the game, but the fact that WoW is still going after more than a decade is more than enough of a reason to celebrate - even if it's just with an inflatable sword.

For anyone who wants in on the festivities, all you have to do is log into your WoW account sometime between Nov. 16 and Nov. 30. World of Warcraft's next major expansion, simply titled Legion, is due out sometime in September 2016.

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