Scott Kelly, an American astronaut, shared a spectacular image of South India from the International Space Station (ISS) that went viral upon uploading it to his Twitter account.

Garnering more than 4,000 retweets and nearly 7,400 likes, the photo immediately went viral. The photo was taken from the southwest direction overviewing the Indian Peninsula and projecting into the Indian Ocean. With many views from above, Kelly is able to take stunning photos and post these photos of the world for everyone to see.

On Nov. 15, after the terrorist attacks on Paris, France, Kelly uploaded a photo he took of the devastated city from above.

On Nov. 6, Kelly and his colleague, Kjell Lindgren, serviced the ISS for repairs and maintenance work on its cooling systems. They spent more than seven hours outside the space station trying to fix an ammonia leakage problem.

Kelly, 51, is also an engineer and a retired U.S. Navy Captain. His twin brother Mark Kelly is also an astronaut and they are the only siblings who have travelled in space. He has been part of NASA since 1996 and has been on three other space flights.

The astronauts in the space station are scheduled to return home in spring of next year. If Kelly will continue to be in the ISS until March 2016, he would have spent 522 days in space in all of his missions.

Kelly is also part of a study that evaluates the effects of space over human health. The data that will be garnered would be used in future space missions.

In his most recent tweets, he posted photos of the Great Lakes, South Africa and Dubai which were also great images from his perch in the ISS. "#SouthAfrica You always have a way of showing something beautiful right down to the tip of your cape. #YearInSpace," he posted.

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