A spokesperson for ABC's "Once Upon a Time" has confirmed that it will feature Disney characters Hercules and Megara for its fifth season.

Newcomer Jonathan Whitesell and "Hannibal's" Kacey Rohl have been cast as Hercules and Megara, respectively, confirms the spokesperson.

The 13th episode, dubbed "Labor of Love," will feature the two, with Hercules described as "a dashing, strapping young man" who will stop at nothing to fulfill his destiny of being the greatest hero ever to walk this earth, and Megara or "Meg" as "a plucky young adventurer" with a shrewd sense of humor.

Hercules or Heracles, in Greek mythology, is the most distinguished mortal, with a strength even greater than many gods. The last mortal son of Zeus, Hercules is the only man born from a mortal mother, and upon his death, became a god.

Hercules was the deciding factor in the battle of Olympians and the giants, where the former received a triumphant victory.

To balance out his incredible strength, Hercules' lack of intelligence was very noticeable in mythology. However, this did not stop him from lending a helping hand and persevering towards his goals.

Megara, also known in Greek mythology as Hercules' wife, was King Creon's eldest daughter. Following Hercules' many victories, King Creon offered Megara as a reward. Hercules and Megara are believed to have had between three to eight children.

The two will star in "Once Upon a Time" as the couple from Disney's 1997 movie, "Hercules." Back then, Tate Donovan did the voice for Hercules while Susan Egan voiced Megara.

Whitesell just recently made his TV debut in a summer episode of "Proof." He also makes an appearance in "iZombie" and in the upcoming "The Unspoken." Whitesell is set to do a guesting on future episodes of CW's "The 100" and Fox's "The X-Files" revival. Meanwhile, Rohl is known for her role as Abigail Hobbs on "Hannibal."

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