The Dark Knight has his signature Batmobile, so it's only fair that his archenemy the Joker has his own set of sweet wheels to serve as his getaway car in Suicide Squad.

You might have seen the magenta supercar car in the trailer that premiered at San Diego Comic-Con this summer, but now Fox 13 News is getting viewers up close and personal with the hot rod—as well as the man who built it.

Matt MacEntagart was contacted to design a car for a villain a few months back. The Florida native independently designs kits for car that make them look like a Lamborghini or Ferrari, although they sell for a more affordable price. He would soon find out that he had just been commissioned to built Jared Leto's Jokermobile, which he calls the Vaydor, for Suicide Squad.

The Vaydor is a kit car with a fiberglass body that is placed over an Infiniti G35 frame. After some months of mechanics, and of course that neon paint job, the typical Infiniti was transformed into custom creation that looks bad to the bone.

MacEntagart revealed that he sells the kit for $16,000, and all together the car costs under $60,000 to build—not too bad for a finished getaway car that looks like a million bucks.

With its signature purple color, check out the Joker supercar in the video below. Suicide Squad is scheduled for release on Aug. 5, 2016.


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