In the World Robot Exhibition held in Beijing, China on Monday, Nov. 23, geeks and aficionados were delighted to see an array of robots that boost different functions and features. Among those that stood out is Geminoid F, which closely resembles a stunning Asian woman.

With a pretty face, dark locks and an enviable feminine figure, people cannot help but dub it the world's sexiest robot.

Geminoid F, which stands five feet and six inches tall, can exude eye movements, crinkle its brows and move its mouth. The twenty something-looking robot can also acknowledge body language and react to eye-to-eye contact. Aside from that, it appears to have the makings of a celebrity as it can smile, frown, sing and talk.

The robot, however, cannot ambulate and must be guided to take steps.

The scientist behind this creation is professor Hiroshi Ishiguro from the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory of Osaka University in Japan.

Ishiguro asked where the feeling of one's existence, such as the atmosphere or an individual's control, originated from and how this can be seized, restored and transferred.

"To tackle this mystery, we have developed a new real-person based android, 'Geminoid'," he said.

Ishiguro further explained that a geminoid looks and acts just like its source person. The robot is also closely linked with the original model via networks of information.

Geminoid F was created in partnership with Kokoro Co, which is a Japanese firm that focuses on superiorly realistic robots and animatronics. During the designing stage of the project, the engineers of the company concentrated on creating a robot that resembles various natural expressions, without the need for excessive activators.

Aside from taking the robotics world by storm, it looks as if Geminoid F may have a potential career in the movie industry. Earlier in 2015, it was casted in a Japanese film entitled "Sayonara," where it played the role of "Leona," and which demonstrated the impacts of nuclear power plant accidents.

Amid the fame, the creators of Geminoid F said there are still lots of things to do for improvement.

At the moment, Geminoid F is priced at about $108,600 but Ishiguro is looking at making a superior version in the future.

Kohei Ogawa, an assistant professor from Osaka University said the objective is to create artificial intelligence using Geminoid F. He added that majority of voice recognition systems do not work in the noisy settings.

"In the future we're going to create some perfect AI system by using this robot," he said.

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