This 'Fallout 4' Buzz Lightyear Mod Allows Players To Take Paladin Danse To Infinity And Beyond


Fans of Fallout 4 have probably spotted some of the countess Easter eggs in the game that pay homage to pop culture references that range from Blade Runner to Mad Max and everything in between.

Pixar fans may also have been able to spot Easter eggs hidden in popular films like Toy Story. Now, in probably one of the most bizarre mashups, these two worlds are colliding thanks to one modder who is allowing gamers to take Paladin Danse to infinity and beyond.

Nexus Mods user Sorenova posted a mod that allows the Brotherhood of Steel solider to transform into the popular Toy Story character.

Players can now have Paladin Danse wear the Pixar toy's iconic green, purple and white space suit, but in order to use the Buzz Lightyear power armor, they must make sure that they currently have Danse enabled as their companion.

Players will have to be far enough in Fallout 4 to unlocked the quest "Shadows of Steel." Once you have Danse as a companion, take a set of Buzz Lightyear BoS armor from one of the Prydwen stations. Activate trade with Danse to put the armor into his inventory (or type "player.additem e1a39") and press "T" to equip the power armor.

However, Sorenova points out that is close to impossible to replace Danse's armor for the Buzz Lightyear gear without having access to the Creation Kit.

The modder encourages other players to create their own mods for the game and post videos of their own or Buzz Lightyear in action.

What better way to explore the seemingly endless open world game than by using the Toy Story character to take Fallout 4 to infinity and beyond?

Fallout 4 players who want to download the Buzz Lightyear mod can do so here.

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