Passing out is embarrassing. Passing out in front of a crowd is considerably worse. Now imagine what it must be like to pass out on live television. Most of the folks in this video probably wanted to crawl under a rock and never come out after their faints were caught on film.

YouTube channel Mandatory put together this "supercut" of people passing out mostly during newscasts and always at inopportune moments. Watch it (it's embedded below) and you'll see that it's impossible not to laugh at their misfortune.

It's hard to say what the funniest part is. Is it how they pass out while speaking, and are still talking as they go down, until they hit the pavement? Is it the awkward reactions of the people around them?

No need to feel guilty about laughing at this. Mandatory did some research and found out that every person in the video was perfectly fine afterwards. So go ahead and laugh. No one will judge. (Hat tip to MTV News.)

Should you finish this vid and find yourself in need of a little more fainting humor, then point your web browser at this adorable video of a dog passing out from sheer joy. In the video, the dog is reunited with a girl he hadn't seen in two years, and he's so thrilled to see her, the excitement proves to be a little too much for him. Don't worry, he's fine by the end of the video.

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