Google Image Search Will Let You Save Searches Like Pinterest


Pinterest has a new rival as Google Image Search via mobile now permits users to star and bookmark images and organize them into collections so they can effortlessly access them later.

Rather than saving the webpage or taking a screenshot of the image, this new feature that Google is putting on the table will help users quickly access their saved images without having to perform another image search again.

What is great with this added feature is that it allows users to organize the starred images into folders. Users should tap the pencil shaped edit icon to add an image inside a folder.

"Create a grouping such as 'haircuts for the winter' or 'snowman ideas' and your image will be added to a folder with similar ones," says Google on a blog post.

The new functionality is presently available only in the U.S. It is available on all major browsers on iOS and Android. Users need to log into their Google accounts to be able to take advantage of this feature.

This new image bookmarking tool appears to be the Google's move to take on Pinterest, which offers a similar service. This is also seen as Google strategy to entice more users to participate in its Google+ Collections.

It has to clear, though, that at the moment, the Image Search collections feature is not tied to Google+ Collections. Nevertheless, a possibility exists that in the near future, these tools could be fused into one.

Last month, Google gave Google+ a facelift, focusing its attention on Collections and Communities to make people's life easier and make the service a lot more mobile-friendly.

Collections, which was initially introduced in May, seems to be one of the current concentrations of the company. With this functionality, users can effortlessly share content on cards. In addition, users can find a wide array of boards to share the content to.

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