We all use our smartphones to browse the Internet, but slow connections can start gobbling up more data than we like, which can result in hefty overages when it comes time to pay our bill. Google previously helped prevent Android users from busting their data budget by rolling out a Data Saver mode on Chrome which reduced the amount of data used when visiting a web page. The mode previously saved users up to 50 percent of data.

Google announced an update to Chrome's Data Saver mode for Android, which now saves users up to 70 percent of data use when web browsing on their mobile devices.

To save users even more data charges than before, the update to Data Sever removes most images when a web page is loading on a slow connection. However, users will still be able to see the images on the page once the page successfully loads by tapping on all or individuals photos. By removing the images at first, the page can load faster, as well as making it cheaper to load on slow connections for those who have limited data plans.

Google announced that Chrome users in India and Indonesia will be the first to get the updated Data Saver mode for the Chrome app on Android devices. Users simply tap on Data Saver mode in the app to take advantage of the feature.

The company did not announce when the feature will roll out in the U.S., but the update is expected to launch in more countries.

Google's Data Saver was first released on the Chrome apps for both Android and iOS last January, followed by its extension to desktop and laptop browsers this March.

Source: Google

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