Losing your wallet can be a disaster, especially if it's lost permanently. Replacing a driver's license and cancelling cards are a pain, and that's to say nothing of recovering lost cash.

Walli Wearables, however, hopes to help change this and has started an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for a wallet that connects to the user's smartphone and alerts the them when it or some of its contents have been left behind.

Walli works similarly to other tracking devices and is connected to an iOS and Android app using Bluetooth 4.0. When it is left behind, a display notification is sent to the user's phone. Users can also use it to find their phone, and when a phone is misplaced but in range (100 ft), users can double-tap on Walli, at which point the user's phone will start ringing.

Walli takes things a step further than other wallet-trackers, however, enabling the user to ensure that they don't lose the things in the wallet. To do this, a patent-pending technology called SecurePocket tracks which pockets are usually home to cards, signaling the smartphone when a particular card has been left behind for too long.

All this tech is complemented by the fact that the wallet looks great and is made from genuine leather. It is available in either blue or black and runs on a coin cell battery, so users won't need to charge it. Of course, the battery will need to be replaced every six months.

Users can buy their own Walli from the Indiegogo page, which has raised $69,110 at the time of this writing, far more than the $25,000 funding goal. Walli itself costs $79, with other pledges being available for Walli and the key tracker, which works the same as other key trackers on the market.

Via: Gizmag

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