A year ago, Google launched its Maps Engine Pro for businesses. The goal was to make information sharing more graphical, intuitive and meaningful via the location search service offered through Maps.

Now the company has added yet another layer to the magic of its location data service. Maps Coordinate lets businesses track field agents or technicians as they are out in the field working.

Maps Coordinate comes as a web service as well as an app for either Android or iOS. Google has decided to roll the two together to give businesses even more options with maps and location data.

These are paid services via Google Maps Pro, a professional package designed for businesses. Maps Engine Pro is a $5 per month/user service. Coordinate did cost $24 per month/user, but now Google has included it in the former and cheaper service at no additional cost.

The total package will allow business managers and dispatchers to organize their information quicker and easier, according to reports. For example, employees can get information about current and upcoming jobs or projects. Coordinate enables admin users to collect data such as contact information within the app. The whole thing is designed with mobility and flexibility in mind.

The app has potential practical purposes in a variety of applications and industries such as architecture, building contruction, cable and Internet installation and others. Both small and midsize (SMBs) and enterprise businesses can get use out of the Maps Coordinate workforce management app if they have employees in the field working mobile.

The sign-up process has also been made simpler, according to another report. Instead of having to use a Google Apps account, users may now sign up with their existing Google account. Another goal of the app is enable more collaboration with the maps apps.

The subscription service can also be used within an API format, according to reports. About one million websites and apps were using the Maps API as of last October. Maps Gallery was introduced in February as well.

Google has been ramping up efforts to snag more enterprise and SMB customers for its easy-to-use business products and services. Examples include its Google Apps for Business and cloud storage solutions like Google Drive.

It competes with Apple, IBM (Apple and IBM plan to work together on business offerings) and Amazon, to name just a few. It looks like there is a continuation of that competition with Maps Pro.

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