Whenever the holiday shopping season goes into full swing, the video game industry is one sector that benefits greatly.

Gamers are provided with a variety of deals to spend their money on, whether it's before consoles, games, or bundles. Here are some video game deals on Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy that gamers could take advantage of right now.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege

Amazon is selling the latest installment in the Tom Clancy video game franchise, Rainbow Six: Siege, at discounted prices. From the game's original price of $59.99, the PlayStation 4 version is being sold for $49.96, the Xbox One version is being sold for $54.99 and free shipping, and the PC version is being sold for $59.00 and free shipping. Note that these are physical copies of the game and not digital copies.

Super Mario Maker

The hit game for the Nintendo Wii U is also being sold at a discount by Amazon. The price of the physical copy of the game is down to $49.99 with free shipping, compared to the original price of $59.99.

Nintendo 3DS XL

At Walmart, a brand new Nintendo 3DS XL is listed at $179.00 with free shipping, down from the original price of $199.99. Gamers have the option to purchase the handheld gaming console in two colors of either black or red.

Nintendo 2DS with Mario Kart 7 bundle

Walmart is also selling Nintendo 2DS bundles that come with a copy of the racing game Mario Kart 7. The price for the bundle has been reduced to $99.00 from the original price of $129.96, and gamers are given three color options of crimson red, electric blue and sea green for the handheld gaming console.

Destiny: The Taken King - Legendary Edition

At Best Buy, Destiny: The Taken King - Legendary Edition for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One is being sold for only $39.99, compared to the original price of $59.99. The game is the complete Destiny collection, including the main game, all the expansions, and the latest chapter The Taken King. The game also includes a level 25 character boost to get new players into the fray right away.

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