Destiny's beta came to an end on July 27 after roughly two weeks, but that was plenty of time for tech savvy users to mine data straight out of the game's code. What did they discover? Possibly everything.

A group of Destiny fans on Reddit have been poring through code collected from the beta to discover what Bungie has in store for players when the game launches on September 9. The grand total is what they are describing as 148 total "activities" that players will be able to do in the game, though the redditors are quick to point out that the beta code is likely months old and out of date, meaning the full game very well could include a few more additions.

Making up part of that 148 total are 11 player vs. player Crucible maps, each playable with any of the game's five game modes, which are described as Clash, Skirmish, Rumble, Control and Salvage, along with game variations for each mode. Control, where players fought for control of specific areas of the map to boost their team's score, was the only playable mode featured in the beta. Some of the maps included in the code could possibly be DLC for after the game has launched, but at this point it is unclear.

On the cooperative player vs. environment side of the game, it looks like players can look forward to roughly 32 story missions, split among the five playable zones in the game: Earth, the Moon, the Reef (Asteroid Belt), Venus and finally Mars. Along with story missions the game will include five exploration areas, two raids and 15 strike missions. Most of these missions, however, are duplicates. This means in actuality the game will include six strike missions and one raid, but feature different versions of the same area according to difficulty, which creates multiple entries in the activity list.

For reference, the beta included mainly missions taking place on Earth, with one bonus mission available on the Moon for a limited time. These were mainly story missions, with one exploration area and one strike mission -- overall a small sampling of what it seems Destiny will offer overall.

As the users on Reddit say, this data is likely out of date, but if true don't expect too many additions to this list by the time the game launches. Post launch the game will be supported by multiple already announced DLC packs which will add content to the game for a price. This is at least the minimum of what will be included in the full version of the game. Destiny releases on Sept. 9 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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