Modders have wasted no time in adding their own personal touches to Fallout 4. From improving the game's dialogue system to turning the super-serious Paladin Danse into Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, fans have been having a great time fiddling with the world Bethesda has created.

This next mod, however, is perhaps the most important serious mod you'll see all day. You may have noticed that the game's energy weapons lack a certain sound usually associated with laser guns. How Bethesda didn't catch this before release is beyond us, but one gamer has taken it upon himself to right the wrong.

The mod is called Pew Lasers, is from creator KnightHasen and does exactly what its name implies: it makes the game's energy weapons go "pew." Sometimes, they are rapid-fire "pews" in the case of the Gatling Laser, and sometimes, they are slow-motion "pews" if you are firing an energy weapon in V.A.T.S., but that's basically all it does. It makes things go "pew."

It's great. You can check out two videos of the mod in action below. You can also download the mod free of charge here. Thanks to the work of modders and fans, Fallout 4 just keeps getting better and better. If you're just diving into Bethesda's open-world RPG, learn how to make the perfect settlement with our in-depth guide, and be sure to check out our round-up of all the game's best quests as well.

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