If this were 2005, you probably wouldn't be reading this article on Chrome. Instead, you would have logged on using Internet Explorer or possibly, Mozilla's Firefox.

When Google Chrome was released back in late 2008, however, everything changed. The new browser quickly became extremely popular, taking huge bites out of both Internet Explorer and Firefox, something that most people didn't expect.

In 2015, a seven-year-old Google Chrome now owns 43 percent of the browser market share, a pretty incredible feat considering the fact that Internet Explorer, and now Edge, is what comes pre-installed on most people's computers.

A new visualization demonstrates the changes in Web browsing over the years. Created by YouTuber Viktor Bohush, the video starts in mid-2007, at the peak of Internet Explorer's popularity, and shows a slow (although not that slow) and painful death.

The visualization goes beyond that and shows some interesting facts, such as when Internet Explorer began to briefly fight back in 2013.

In addition to the interesting facts in the visualization, it also has a pretty Zen soundtrack and is just plain mesmerizing. Check it out below.

Via: TheNextWeb

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