'Just Cause 3' Easter Egg Re-Ignites The Debate Over Color Of 'The Dress'


For a short period earlier this year, the internet was virtually torn in two thanks to the debate over "The Dress." The image of a dress who's color seemed to change according to who was looking at it spread like wildfire. Was is blue and black? Or was it white and gold? Everybody had their own opinion, and it seemed like the war would rage on forever.

Eventually the internet moved on, but Just Cause 3 just might re-ignite the debate all over again in time for 2016. Players can find the dress in-game as a fun Easter egg. Watch the video below to see how to find it for yourself.

More accurately, players can find both dresses in the open world of Avalanche Studio's over-the-top action game. At the top of a hotel, two women on a balcony can be seen. One is wearing an all too familiar blue and black dress, while another on the other side of the balcony is wearing an identical dress that is white and gold.

Yes, there are two dresses in Just Cause 3, which takes a little bit of the fun out of the whole "what color is it!?" madness. You weren't honestly expecting Just Cause 3 to settle the debate, where you?

It's just one of many Easter eggs in the game. Just Cause 3 doesn't take itself too seriously, and the result is that there are plenty of secret gags for players to discover. If you are looking for more Just Cause 3 Easter eggs, check out where to find Thor's hammer Mjolnir in the game.

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