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'Just Cause 3' Is Adding Mechs With New DLC

An upcoming DLC pack for 'Just Cause 3' will let players cause even more destruction on the ground with powerful mech suits. 'Mech Land Assault' will also add a completely new island for players to explore.

Video Games May 31, 2016

New 'Just Cause 3' Patch Coming This Week, Fixes Loading Times And Performance Issues

'Just Cause 3' is an amazing game...just not from a technical standpoint. Thankfully, a new patch is coming to all three versions of the game, and it's scheduled for release this week!

Geek December 16, 2015

'Just Cause 3' Easter Egg Re-Ignites The Debate Over Color Of 'The Dress'

Remember that blue and black dress? Or maybe it was white and gold? Regardless, it's in 'Just Cause 3'.

Internet Culture December 14, 2015

How Is 'Just Cause 3' Different From Other Games In The Series?

On the surface, it may seem like 'Just Cause 3' is just an expansion on Avalanche Studios' last game ... but, in reality, quite a bit has changed since Rico left Panau.

Geek December 8, 2015

How Big Is Just Cause 3's Map? We Break It All Down

There's no denying that 'Just Cause 3' is an absolutely massive game...but even virtual worlds have their limits. So - what happens when players reach the edge of 'Just Cause 3's massive world map?

Geek December 7, 2015

'Just Cause 3' Hands-On Impressions: Explosions, Wingsuits And Repetition

'Just Cause 2' was one of the best open-world games of all time - can five years of work and next-gen consoles help 'Just Cause 3' takes its predecessor's spot?

Geek December 3, 2015

'Just Cause 3' Developer Releases Statement On When To Expect Performance, Technical Fixes

'Just Cause 3' is far from running perfectly on PC and consoles, and developer Avalanche Studios is looking to make things right.

Geek December 3, 2015

‘Just Cause 3’ First Hour Of Gameplay Revealed, Brings Rico Rodriguez Back To His Homeland [Video]

Avalanche Studios and Square Enix are apparently confident enough in Just Cause 3's content to show off the first hour of the game. The playthrough will probably be different, according to Square and Avalanche.

Video Games November 25, 2015

Latest 'Just Cause 3' Trailer Is Basically Nothing But Explosions - And It's Amazing

If you thought the team behind 'Just Cause 3' would start putting out overly long, overly dramatic trailers before the game hit store shelves - well, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the game's latest teaser.

Geek November 19, 2015

Catch A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Story Of 'Just Cause 3'

Storytelling has never been one of the 'Just Cause' franchise's strengths ... but that may change with 'Just Cause 3.'

Geek October 30, 2015

‘Just Cause 3’ Has A Massive 400-Mile Map And An Entire Island Is Up For Grabs

A 'Just Cause 3' developer diary unveiled a 400-square-mile Mediterranean island of Medici. The game is set to impress fanatics on Dec. 1, just in time for the holiday season.

Video Games October 6, 2015

Take A Look Behind The Scenes Of 'Just Cause 3'

'Just Cause 3' is looking to be one of the biggest games of the holiday season - with just a few months left before release, fans can now catch a glimpse behind the scenes at Avalanche Studios.

Geek September 30, 2015

'Mad Max' Patch 3 Adds More Realistic Car Physics

Get ready for even more memorable moments in the Wasteland with a new update for 'Mad Max.'

Geek September 29, 2015

'Half-Life 3' Easter Egg In 'Mad Max' Proves A Crowbar Doesn't Cut It In The Wasteland

Gordon Freeman may be tough, but he isn't tough enough to survive the Wasteland of 'Mad Max'.

Geek September 23, 2015

Review: 'Mad Max' Comes Close To Greatness But Suffers From Open World Deja Vu

Warner Bros. Interactive's 'Mad Max' has plenty of interesting ideas and adrenaline-pumping vehicle combat, but its repetitive mission objectives hold it back from being elite.

Geek September 14, 2015

Guns, Cars And Explosions Galore In 'Mad Max' Launch Trailer

Avalanche Studios' open-world, car combat title is in stores now.

Geek September 1, 2015

PS4 Exclusive Hood Ornaments For 'Mad Max' Are A Throwback To 'Road Warrior'

Fans of George Miller's original 'Mad Max' films will want to check out these PS4 timed exclusive hood ornaments.

Geek August 27, 2015

'Final Fantasy XV' And 'Just Cause 3' Collaborating For Flight Capabilities

Director Hajime Tabata of 'Final Fantasy XV' believes that the aerial technology found in 'Just Cause 3' is truly unique and plans to implement the same in the upcoming 'Final Fantasy XV,' which is rumored to release in 2016.

Video Games August 10, 2015

GamesCom 2015: The Latest 'Just Cause 3' Trailer Is Here, And It's Completely GIF-Worthy

Most trailers focus on characters, or story, or graphical upgrades...the latest 'Just Cause 3' trailer, on the other hand, focuses on nothing but action and explosions - and it's absolutely beautiful.

Geek August 4, 2015

New 'Just Cause 3' Demo Shows Off 7 Minutes Of Explosion-Filled Footage

Sure, 'Just Cause 2' had its fair share of explosions... but it doesn't hold a candle to Avalanche Studios' latest. If you want a game based entirely around blowing stuff up, 'Just Cause 3' is for you.

Geek July 15, 2015

'Just Cause 3' For Xbox One, PS4 And PC Out Before End Of 2015

'Just Cause 3,' an action-packed explosive game from Avalanche Studios, is set to hit Xbox One, PS4, and PC platforms toward the end of the year.

Video Games June 18, 2015

First 'Mad Max' Gameplay Footage Finally Debuts Online

With the 'Mad Max' film reboot looking like one of the best movies of the summer, the video game adaptation could be the same. Going by the first gameplay could go either way.

Geek April 23, 2015

The First 'Just Cause 3' Trailer Revealed: Hope You Like Explosions

It's been five years since 'Just Cause 2' was first released, but it's clear that Avalanche Studios hasn't been sitting on its laurels: the first trailer for 'Just Cause 3' has launched, and it's amazing.

Geek February 13, 2015

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