Baby Born With Partially Developed Brain And Skull Meets Santa


Jaxon Buell, the baby who was born with partially developed brain is now a toddler and was able to meet Santa for the first time.

Despite the challenges and the dire hope for survival, Jaxon is now 15 months old and is doing pretty fine. In fact, he was able to go on a trip to the mall to have his picture taken with Santa.

In the photos posted by his mother Brittany on Facebook, Santa was seen holding, kissing and cuddling Jaxon.

"I am happy to report that what we're witnessing is one of the best moments that Jaxon has had, and we're just hoping and praying that that continues," said Jaxon's father, Brandon. He added that the family is relieved and happy to witness their child's growth.

Jaxon was born on Aug. 27, 2014. He was diagnosed with microhydranencephaly, which is a rare brain malformation characterized by both microcephaly and hydranencephaly. Patients with this condition may experience developmental delays, intellectual disabilities and short lifespan.

When Jaxon was born, his doctors thought he would not survive a week.

On Facebook, his father Brandon expressed his sentiments regarding people who think that Jaxon is suffering and that the family should not have continued with the pregnancy. He said his family just laugh about, questioning how some people can think about the option of ending a life so easily.

He wrote that Jaxon may live a shorter life but he will be able to inspire lives for as long as he stays in the world - just like other kids with disabilities. The impact that these kids can make is much greater than those who do not have the struggles that these kids are experiencing.

Jaxon is learning how to walk, talk, smile, speak and laugh. He can definitely see and hear and even exerts efforts to eat on his own, signalling how his feeding tube may possibly be removed in the future.

"Yes, I am a very biased and proud father and parent." Brandon wrote. "Shouldn't we all be?"

Finally, he thanked all those who understand and accept Jaxon's real purpose in life for the continued support and participation.

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