Rdio Will Officially Shut Down On December 22, Spotify Launches Tool To Entice Former Users To Make The Move


The show is finally over for Rdio. The music streaming service announced that it will officially be shutting down in less than one week.

Rdio sent subscribers an email on Wednesday with exact details about when it will close its doors, revealing that it will shut down worldwide on Dec. 22, 2015 at approximately 5 p.m. PST (8 p.m. EST).

This should come to no surprise to listeners since the company previously declared bankruptcy before Pandora revealed it would acquire its key assets.

On Tuesday, the platform launched a new page that served as a farewell to its users that allowed them to see an archive of their music streaming history as well as details about the service itself, which included details that the most played album on the platform was Drake's "Nothing was the Same."

The email reminds subscribers about the Farewell page, where they can also export their data, including their playlists.

With one service closing its doors, another is acting quickly to potentially scoop up these users ... and no, we aren't talking about Pandora.

Spotify launched a new import tool aimed specially for helping former Rdio users get their playlists onto its platform.

Rdio users will be able to import their playlists, saved songs and albums directly from their Rdio library or can manually select specific files to upload on Spotify.

Rdio users still have a few more days to access their archive before the platform closes up shop forever.

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