The song export feature for gamers to take all their Rock Band 3 songs into Rock Band 4 is now online, for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Rock Band developer Harmonix has posted instructions on its official website so that gamers can take advantage of the feature. It launched across most regions with the December update that was released last week, but was only made available in Europe for PlayStation 4 users very recently.

Before initiating the export process, gamers should make sure that their connection to the Internet is stable, and that the profile that owns Rock Band 3 is logged in.

For Xbox One:

• Launch Rock Band 4

• Select the "Get More Songs" option

• Scroll to the new "Exports" tab

• Choose the "Rock Band 3" option

• Select the "RB3 Disc Export Pack" option

Upon verification, gamers will be forwarded to a purchase screen for the completion of the export. Once the export pack is purchased, a confirmation screen will appear and gamers will be able to download the exported songs in a package similar to how other songs in the game are downloaded.

Once the export is complete, gamers visiting their song library should see the Rock Band 3 songs that were exported to Rock Band 4. If the songs are not showing up, the game should be restarted.

For PlayStation 4:

The process is the same, with the difference starting upon the purchase of the export pack and the appearance of the confirmation screen. While Xbox One gamers can download a package that contains all of the songs for Rock Band 3, PlayStation 4 gamers would have to download all the 83 songs one by one by selecting the white arrow located next to each track.

The export process does not need to be done all in one go though, as tracks that are not downloaded right away will appear in the "Add-Ons" section of the Rock Band 4 main menu.

Gamers for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, however, will need to pay $14.99 for the Rock Band 3 song export pack.

Harmonix said that in addition to exporting Rock Band 3 songs, it is planning to allow Rock Band 4 to export songs directly from the original Rock Band by next month and then Rock Band 2 and Lego Rock Band afterwards. Songs from these older games can make it into Rock Band 4 now, but they would need to be exported first to Rock Band 3.

Songs imported from Rock Band 3 will be able to support new features found in Rock Band 4 such as Freestyle Guitar Solos and Freestyle Vocals. The keyboard parts are gone though, as Harmonix said that the instrument is permanently gone from the game.

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