With a week until Christmas, Ubisoft unveiled a holiday-themed live-action video trailer for its open world third-person shooter role-playing video game, The Division.

Ubisoft's latest trailer was crafted at the Fox Studios in Los Angeles, and Xavier Gens, who has action movie "Hitman" under his belt, was in charge of directing.

In the trailer we see a young boy singing "Silent Night," the well-known Christmas carol. The tone set in the beginning is one of peace, love and understanding, just like the ideal holiday season is supposed to be.

Although the gentle melodic line of the Christmas song stays the same, the lyrics smoothly turn into something that seems co-authored by E.A. Poe and My Chemical Romance. To get a better picture (and sound) of it, check out the trailer below. Take note, it is dark and emotional, without being overtly graphic.

It is not the first time Ubisoft entices its fans with a teaser for The Division. Fans of the French gaming company saw the first one in June 2014, and it also featured "Silent Night."

The company confirmed that it wants to launch The Division on Mar. 8, 2016. As the game beta faced delays so far, however, we urge you to take this info with a grain of salt.

Three platforms, namely Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, will see the game next year.

Buyers who preorder the game can enlist in the beta testing program, which should go live sometime at the beginning of 2016. So far, there is no official information about the contents of the beta.

Closed testing began for The Division last week, with an alpha for the Xbox One players. Those who entered the program had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, virtually stopping them from revealing any information about what they experience during the alpha.

The post-apocalyptic atmosphere of New York, where the game takes place, receives a beacon of light from the final words sang in the video trailer.

"Bring back the world that we loved," the young boy murmurs, while members of The Division gathers around him in a protective circle.

The advice, backed by the soothing sound of "Silent Night," seems to extend well beyond the scope of the video game.

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