Ubisoft has announced during Microsoft's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) press conference that its much-anticipated Tom Clancy's The Division game would be released on gaming platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 8, 2016.

However, for Xbox One owners, the company would be releasing an exclusive beta version of this online third-person shooter game this December, which would be months before everybody else, plus Ubisoft will include free copies of Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2 for every purchase of The Division game.

Ubisoft has not revealed how many players would be able to join the beta release and if it is an open or through official invites only. However, given the game's increasing fan base, it gave more reasons for gamers to purchase an Xbox One unit this Christmas.

It seems smart for Ubisoft to collect all the inputs and feedback first of the beta players before selling the title in the market as many released games such as its Assassin's Creed Unity suffered on their launch date. This would give the development team sufficient time to stress test their servers and check the frame rates as well as server connections for its multiplayer element to make a more stable copy of the game on its release date.

The upcoming Tom Clancy's The Division had been initially previewed by Ubisoft back in Microsoft's E3 2013, and fans were excited with its launching in 2014. However, the developers at Red Storm Entertainment, Ubisoft Massive, and Ubisoft Reflections had delayed its release as to not compromise the game's quality. This time, the team had brought another developer Ubisoft Annecy and now announced a concrete release date for The Division on March 8, 2016.

The Division's initial setting happens in New York, exactly three weeks after a lethal virus is launched on Black Friday. Chaos everywhere instantly covered the city as the society fell and the country's President has to activate The Division, a highly classified unit of independent tactical secret agents. The agents are well-trained to operate with minimal support from the commanding unit. The fallen New York City has been flooded by different clans determined to do anything to stay alive. The gameplay also involves exploring through the city and encountering very realistic landmarks as well as several third-party group and individual shooting. There is even a report that the game's snow animation is so realistic that it sticks to the player outdoors and will instantly melt after going indoors.

Check out the latest trailer of the Tom Clancy's action role-playing The Division game shown.

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