Here comes The Grinch. Rock Band 4 top players will get the boot as Harmonix announces reset plans. Due to some unfortunate "score exploits," Rock Band 4's leaderboards will get a much advanced spring cleaning.

The leaderboards are scheduled for a clean swipe in January, which is part of Rock Band 4's bigger game update. Each song leaderboard will be reset, much to the dismay of gamers but developer said the reset is crucial for Rock Band 4's improvement.

The multiplayer music game was released with "a handful of gnarly bugs". One of the issues involve a double overdrive glitch. Hitting the green "Overdrive" gems found towards the end of the dynamic drum fills allow enable experienced drummers to double-up the overdrive feature.

"We know that many of you have worked hard to climb the leaderboards, and that wiping your scores sucks. That said, these changes will ensure that in the future, you won't be unseated from the top spot by someone using an exploit," wrote Harmonix in a blog post explaining the big change.

Harmonix made it clear that they will only wipe out the scores posted on the game's online leaderships. Personal game statistics that were saved locally on the console will not be affected.

A gamer's song library will still display the star count and accuracy of best performances. However, playing the same song post-update will affect the stats on the gamer's song library.

The January update will employ several adjustments that will tackle Rock Band 4's code. Should any song-specific bugs will pop up in the future, the adjusted code will enable Harmonix to make the targeted changes faster and easier without revamping the songs as one group. The January update will also give players the ability to post their "Play a Show" mode scores to the online leaderboards.

Probably to appease bummed out players, the game developer recently announced the addition of several U2 songs such as "Sunday Bloody Sunday," "Where The Streets Have No Name and California" (There Is No End To Love). Harmonix also announced a partnership with an "amazing studio" for an in-game clothing assets for one of the games. The Fallout 4-inspired character outfits were the results of Harmonix's partnership with Bethesda Softworks.

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