China regulators ask Microsoft to respect, cooperate with antitrust probe


Microsoft isn't exactly welcome in China nowadays. The company and the government have many issues between them. The software company is believed to be guilty of breaching Chinese antitrust rules.

Microsoft was told not to obstruct the antitrust investigation by Chinese regulators by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC).

Special investigations by the Chinese government are common these days. It seems the SAIC only wants to make sure Microsoft isn't doing anything that is against the law.

This is a formal investigation by SAIC because the Redmond company has been suspected of violating the anti-monopoly law in the country. The violation is believed to have started since June 2013. The said violation is related to document authentication, bundling, and compatibility problems.

SAIC simply told Microsoft to not disrupt the investigation. The call doesn't say if Microsoft actually did something already.

"In China, you do everything you have to, to completely submit if the authorities investigate you. The government is saying, 'We might be more lenient if you don't resist, otherwise we'll be tough'," You Yunting of Shanghai DeBund Law Offices said.

Simply put, if Microsoft doesn't show resistance, there won't be any further problem and China has no reason to be harsh.

How is Microsoft violating China's trust regulations? No mention exactly, so industry experts are also asking as to what really is the issue. This could be something related to what the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed and the government of China wants to check what Microsoft is up to.

Microsoft's market in China right now may be negligible because its services are being disrupted. For one, the newest Windows 8 OS is banned. It can't be installed on the new computers used by the central government. Its OneDrive cloud storage service in China is also experiencing some issues.

Microsoft hasn't issued an official statement regarding this one but it has promised to cooperate and respect Chinese law.

It seems there is no end to the Chinese government firing shots at Microsoft. This issue brings about more problems and questions not only for the industry leaders but also consumers who might be affected.

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