After a number of security issues surrounding Windows 8 led to concerns, Microsoft is prepping an update that will roll out on August 12.

Despite the publicity of the update, which Microsoft is dubbing its August Update, observers are not convinced it is going to do much for current Windows users as it does not offer any major new features. There were rumors of a hybrid Start menu but it appears that interace won't be part of this update.

One analyst has reported that the hybrid menu won't be part of Windows 8 at all, with it expected to be launched sometime next Spring when Microsoft unveils its latest desktop operating system, Windows 9 Threshold.

The impending Windows 8.1 Update 2, will have "some minor design tweaks with the system upgrade. Most likely it'll be focused on bug fixes, under the hood tweaks and other such modifications ahead of the Windows 9 release next year," states one report.

Microsoft, has faced a number of criticisms over security issues with Windows 8, including seeing the operating system banned for use by Chinese government officials, as Tech Times reported in May.

The Chinese government said in a press release that all desktops, laptops and tablets that are being funded and financially supported by the government must not use the Windows 8 operating system. It also urged consumers to avoid the product until the company is able to fix the flaw.

The statement published by the Central Government Procurement Center says that "the measure targets only government offices" and that "personal computers on the market will be unaffected."

Microsoft is also facing an anti-trust investigation in China as well as a court ruling to turn over of email data stored at its Ireland server.

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