With CES 2016 just a few days away, Alcatel OneTouch has revealed several products that the company will be featuring at the annual event.

One of the products that were announced was the Pixi 3, which will be the company's first tablet to be powered by Windows 10 Mobile, or by any version of Windows, for that matter.

There is not much known regarding the Pixi 3 aside from the operating system that it will be running, and the fact that the 8-inch tablet will be an entry-level device. The Pixi 3 will also offer users some customization options through Flip Stand covers and Color Skins, and other known features that the tablet will carry include voice call capabilities, a TV remote control function, front and rear cameras and GPS.

Other important details for the Pixi 3, such as its price and its shipping date, have not yet been announced. Alcatel OneTouch could reveal the information soon enough, as it will be having its booth at CES 2016 in the central hall.

In addition to the Pixi 3, the company also announced a line of Pixi 4 devices that will also be at the annual event. Included in the Pixi 4 line of devices are a pair of smartphones with 3.5-inch and 4-inch sizes, a 6-inch phablet and a 7-inch tablet.

Alcatel OneTouch is stating that the Pixi 4 devices will be premium entry-level devices that will be offering users a great experience in key areas such as battery life, camera, audio and design. In fact, the company is claiming that the Pixi 4 line will give users the best design and features available in the current market of entry-level devices.

Lastly, Alcatel OneTouch also announced the CareTime Children's Watch, which is a smartwatch catered for children. The CareTime watch will keep children safe and keep them in touch with their parents, with the device running on EDGE or 2G speeds. While that may be slow compared to the current standards of mobile devices, it is enough for the device to carry out what it intends to do.

Parents will be able to send voice messages or call their children through the device, while kids will be able to make calls or reply only to pre-set contacts. GPS allows parents to pinpoint the location of their children, and the device also has a partner app that informs parents when children are entering or leaving a pre-set safe zone.

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