Garmin has its own booth at CES 2016 and it will use it to showcase improved sport watches, as well as a wearable cycling display that keeps bike-riders safe from cars.

Most bike-friendly headsets offer a myriad of information, from calories burnt to number of miles, pace and altitude difference, but they usually keep silent about traffic. Garmin manufactured a wearable gadget that takes care of the problem, aiming to help cyclists stay safe and focused on the road ahead.

The Swiss company prepared to announce a number of products during the start of the year Las Vegas technology show. The Varia Vision headset is helpful for two reasons: it offers essential cycling data (performance, notifications and directions) and it connects with the Varia rearview radar, meaning that you always have a picture of the traffic behind you, even as you scout ahead.

The gadget ensures that cyclists can focus on the road and still be aware of what happens around them.

According to the manufacturer, Varia Vision features a durable, weatherproof design and weighs slightly over one ounce. It also features an integrated ambient light sensor and color display, making sure that readability is there regardless of the weather/lighting conditions.

"We're extremely excited to announce the next device in our line of innovative Varia cycling awareness products - the Varia Vision in-sight display," Garmin vice president of worldwide sales, noted.

The video below demonstrates the way in which Varia Vision functions, allowing cyclists to view their data, as well as mobile alerts while staying sharp. To check whether or not your smartphone is compatible with the high-tech wearable headset, check out the manufacturer's list.

Passionate two-wheelers who want to have a better image of their surrounding traffic have to shell out $400, which is far from cheap. Yet, one must ask himself whether personal physical integrity has a price or not.

Varia Vision is not the only gadget that Garmin brings to CES 2016. For athletes who use wrist-tracking, the company has a number of smart watches in store.

For a spicy $800, you may purchase the Fenix 3 watch, which also has a more affordable variant costing $600. On-the-wrist heart rate monitoring never looked sharper, as the $600 watch comes with sapphire lenses. In comparison, the pricier one brings a titanium finish to boot.

Also for $600, adventurers can choose the latest model of Tactix watch, the Bravo. What makes it special is that it is able to track pretty much any physical activity, from advanced running to high-altitude parachute drops. Garmin says that the smart watches will be in stores sometime in the first quarter of this year, which means by the end of March.

A couple of toys are also in store for drivers who appreciate Garmin's products.

No less than four Drive GPSs will come out in 2016, and they have the ability to warn you about conditions that other mapping devices miss. Examples would be crossings, sharp turns and even driver fatigue.

The most affordable GPS costs $130. One pricier model, the DriveSmart, makes good use of a link to your smartphone and sends you mobile notifications, alongside traffic info and weather status. The DriveAssist takes the technology pack even further, as it includes a dash cam that makes sure you both document and prevent traffic incidents.

An investment of $350 on a DriveLuxe GPS from Garmin provides you with a "HD" traffic avoidance system, warming you as quickly as 30 seconds. The navigation systems should be available for purchase during the first quarter of this year, as well.

To help you analyze and act based on that vast array of information, Garmin presents Connect Insights.

The app studies your sleep, provides step count predictions and helps you achieve every activity goal that you set your mind to.

Connect Insights should go live in January, and will be available on both Android and iOS. In the meantime, learn more about the Varia Vision headet from the video below.

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